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Aaron Chaucer

UK Sales – The Spain Event

As UK Sales Manager and Head Event Coordinator Aaron Chaucer has been assuring UK groups arriving in our locations around get much more than “Canterbury Tales”!

And the word from Academia is that  scholars of Middle English have been scouring the parchments, but find no mention of the “Grey Goose” that Aaron refers to so frequently on the phone to customers.

“You and your best mates, an initially chilled club now livening, a VIP area and a gallon-bottle of top notch vodka”. That’s pretty much the Chaucerian portrayal of the promised land.

“Customers need reassurance and support. They need to know they’ll be in safe hands and the scene will be set to just crack on with a great time at some point in their trip. A great club and VIP sitting is perfect example of getting just that sorted! Every enquiry is a challenge and lets you become creative in what to propose to a client”   

Outside the office, Aaron (or Aaron-ald as we have started to call him..) brings the same dedication and knowledge to his love of fitness, gymn work and general sporting activities as he does to his careful planning of group weekends. He loves to travel, and recent favourite spots include Banff (“the one in Canada, not Scotland!”…) and, eh, curiously, Casteldefells near Barcelona (we are gonna ask him about that…)

Aaron’s top tips for Spain and Portugal:

  • Always book stuff well in advance – it just make sense as city locations are so popular at weekends all year now…
  • Baby Bull Running in all locations we can entertain it is a firm favourite for stags.
  • But all the events in all locations are great!
  •  Lisbon is super cool and one of my favourite place in the world!

Contact Aaron on:

    • Calls from UK: +44 844 870 7147
    • Office in Spain: +34 960 214 441
    • Direct Line/ Spain: +34 692 429 104
    • Email: aaron.c@thespainevent.com
    • Twitter: @TheSpainEvent_A