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Anne Przybilski

Operations and German Sales Manager – The Spain Event

Anne Przybilski headed for Spain in 2014, convinced, like many, that such a fantastic sunny climate and such cheap beer had to be the way ahead. Anne puts most of our team (esp. Brits) to shame by having perfect command of at least 3 languages: German (her native idioma), Spanish and English.

And there are a few more coming along as well, including Valenciano. A clear measure of Anne’s linguistic brilliance is that she is able to pronounce her own surname…

“Valencia is such a cool place to live. If I’m not out belly-dancing  or skateboarding” (we are assured the two do not run concurrently) “you’re bound to find me out scouting around Valencia”

Anne loves making Stag and Hen do’s a reality in Spain and Portugal. “It’s a once in a life time event, really important that people have a positive experience… so rewarding to receive positive feedback from happy groups. And tourism is the lifeblood of Spain  – it feels good to be doing something for the local economy!”

Anne’s top tips for Spain and Portugal:

  • The Flamenco Classes we organise in almost all our locations are big hit with all our hen groups!
  • ln summer get on a  catamaran or sailing boat and either chill or party – but take your sun hat..
  • Love Valencia!!!! A jewel that is relatively undiscovered.

Contact Anne on:

    • Office Tel: +34 960 214 441
    • Direct Line: +34 605 615 390
    • Email: anne@thespainevent.com