Hot waiter!
Giggles guaranteed
Almost naked!
Serving drinks and food
Surprise the hen

Algarve Butlers in the Buff – he’s a little bit cheeky!

Surprise the hen with a little treat and some great photo opportunities! Your very own butlers in the buff waiter can be hired for one or two hours to wait on you hand and foot making you feel very special. And not only will you have your own personal waiter but he’ll be practically in the buff! This hot, model style, man will be standing to attention wearing just a small apron, to cover his modesty.

Your sexy waiter will be serving you your drinks, and food if you are feeling a bit peckish, from a busy bar in Albufeira so you can all sit back and enjoy the view while the ice cold drinks keep coming, stopping the group from getting too hot and bothered.

This butlers in the buff cheeky chappy is guaranteed to bring a smile to the bride-to-be’s face and also, as is the tradition, make her go a little red in the cheeks.

This was brilliant! The hen had no idea and thought we were just going drinking. Her jaw hit the floor when she saw the waiter coming over! And the photos we got are hilarious. he was a very good sport the whole time. Thanks for all the hard work. We all had a fantastic time! Gemma Princeton, Herts Hen Do, 2015

Algarve Butlers in the Buff – What’s included:

  • Your very own hot butlers in the buff
  • Hardly any clothes!
  • 1 or 2 hours serving drinks and/or food
  • (drinks and food not included)

Algarve Butlers in the Buff – Typical schedule:

  • 20:150: Arrive at a bar on the busy Albufeira strip and be shown to your area
  • 20:30: Watch as the hen’s mouth drops open at the sight of a very hot butler wearing nothing but what can only be described as a loin cloth walks towards her, tray in hand
  • 20:45: Cheeky photo time!
  • 21:30: Your very own waiter has finished serving you all well, putting a big smile on the hen’s face, Now for more drinks, or how about a guided bar crawl and a VIP club entry?

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