3 hour party cruise
Welcome drinks
Bar aboard
Music by a DJ
Great atmosphere

Albufeira Booze Cruise – Enjoy our classic!

Join the party on our Albufeira booze cruise! Enjoy the beautiful coastline of the Algarve while partying on a classic catamaran. On this three hour Albufeira booze cruise our Dj will make sure you have some nice beats. You get a welcome drink to warm up and the boat has a bar on board as well, which is inexpensive. Every Saturday from mid April to September we start our booze cruise between 17.30 and 18.00 depending on the month of the year.

Albufeira Booze Cruise AlgarveAlbufeira Booze Cruise AlgarveAlbufeira Booze Cruise Algarve

After the Albufeira booze cruise in Vilamoura you will get a free entry to a night club as well, to make sure you can continue the party. The Albufeira booze cruise is a great way to start your Saturday afternoon in the Algarve. You have time to sleep of some of that hangover, go hang out at the beach, and then hop on board of our Albufeira booze cruise to get the party started again!

Booze Cruise

Albufeira booze cruise – Typical Schedule

  • 17.00 – take some Taxis or let us organise you a quick and cheap transfer to Vilamoura where the boat leaves (a town right next to Albufeira)
  • 17.30 – Enjoy your welcome drink and the great view!
  • 20.30 – You are back on solid ground – stay in the Vilamaura Port or go back to Albufeira with our cheap transfers.
  • Don’t forget to make use of you free club entry later! If you want to add a Bar Crawl after the Albufeira booze cruise, let us know!

Albufeira Booze Cruise AlgarveAlbufeira booze cruise – What’s included?

  • A three hour party cruise
  • Trip on a catamaran along the coast
  • Dj and a nice atmosphere
  • Optional transfer to the boat
  • Welcome drink
  • Inexpensive bar

What else should I know about the Albufeira booze cruise?

The 3 Hour Sunset Albufeira Booze Cruise departs from Vilamoura – starts 17.30, every Saturday, from May to September, includes a DJ, a free drink and free night club entry. Boat has room for 140 party animals! On board bar is available. In case the cruise gets cancelled due to bad weather we offer alternatives. We also offer private options in case you are want some exclusivity. 

How can I book and find out more about the Albufeira Booze Cruise?