All equipment included
Crystal clear water
Wild dolphins!
Our dive boats find the best spots!

Scuba Diving in Paradise

If you are looking for epic adventure, Albufeira Scuba Diving awaits! We set off to explore the crystal clear waters of the Algarve and discover magnificent rock formations and schools of tropical Atlantic fish to delight the diver. We’ve even got wild dolphins in the vicinity to perk your interest. Starting from port we ensure your equipment suits you perfectly and that you’ve been briefed on the safety procedures so you can have a relaxed yet exhilarating dive that delivers the magic of being free under the water! Our dive boat is fully equipped to ensure a comfortable and professional excursion. The diving of Albufeira is world-class!

Albufeira Scuba DivingAlbufeira Scuba DivingAlbufeira Scuba Diving

Release your inner Jacques Cousteau! Our dedicated Divemasters pride themselves on guiding you to the best spots with the most sealife and points of interest – they know these waters and want to share the magic with you – octupus anyone? How about schools of iridescent squid? How about seeing the wild dolphins that have inhabited these waters for as long as anyone can remember! We will do everything we can to bring you a premium dive experience – safe and entertaining! The waters off the coast of Portugal have the perfect conditions for epic diving- warm waters, curvaceous coves and hidden grottoes! They are waiting to be discovered. The world simply is better down there!

Hidden caves and coves await

Scuba Diving MallorcaWhen you’re all done with the ocean exploration, explore your land-loving nature and climb into a go-kart with Indoor Go-Karting at the best indoor go-karting centre in Portugal! It’s located next to the port so it’s the perfect activity to accompany scuba-diving! Get in there! If that’s not quite adrenaline filled enough for you we have an afternoon of Quad-Biking ready for take-off!  Ride over obstacles and rev your engines over the fantastic landscape of the Algarve! Finally, after your long day, you’ll want to unwind at the Algarve Spa Circuit where you can get some serious aquatherapy to massage those sore muscles. You deserve it! Whatever you do make your visit to the Algarve spectacular!

Albufeira Scuba Diving  – read what our customers think

That was amazing! We saw all kinds of fish and the rock formations were incredible! The captain showed us some hidden caves and coves that were perfect for exploring. The visibility was the best I’d ever seen!” John, Organiser of an 8 man Stag group, Chester, 2015

Scuba Diving in the Algarve – typical schedule (total approx. 3 hours)

  • 10:00 Arrive at the Scuba centre for a briefing and equipment fitting before heading out to discover some incredble dive sites
  • 11:00 Your boat arrives at the dive site and you submerge with your fully trained scuba guide who takes you on a little underwater stroll…oh look! A dolphin!
  • 12:00 Everybody has resurfaced and you all head back to port, flushed with excitement at a great dive- did you see that octopus?!
  • 13:00 Arrive back at port – Lunch anyone? We can book that for you as well.

Albufeira Scuba Diving – what is included

  • All equipment and safety briefings
  • a guided dive from our professional dive boat at one of our most scenic dive-spots
  • PADI certified international certificate valid for 1 year
  • Crystal clear waters of Portugal!
  • Optional transport to the scuba centre available at a low cost

Albufeira Scuba Diving- what else do I need to know?

  • Scuba diving is one of the safest sports in the world!
  • Remember, the more calm you are the more time you get to spend with the fishes!
  • If you suffer from asthma then you need to make our guides aware of this condition – breathing is important under the water!

How can I book Albufeira Scuba Diving?