Banana Boat and rings
Flying fish and UFO
Jet ski and parasailing
Monitors and equipment

Albufeira Water Sports Package – Enjoy the ride

You feel your tan getting red? You just need to wake up and do something other than lie around on the beach and are looking for things to do in Albufeira? We have the perfect solution! Book our Albufeira water sports package and try out all the crazy inflatables! We have the classic banana boat but also rings, UFOs and flying fish. In addition to that you can also enjoy a ride with water skis and jump over Atlantic waves.

Albufeira Water Sports Package in the AlgarveAlbufeira Water Sports Package in the AlgarveAlbufeira Water Sports Package in the Algarve

We will of course tell you how to use what and you can choose if you want one or two boats going at the same time. Our Albufeira water sports includes monitors, equipment and all the inflatables you would like to do. If you only like to do one or two, that is of course also fine. We suggest however to give it all a try, go for one, two or three hours. Depending on what “attachment” to the boat you pick, you have different capacities.

Hear how inflated our previous Albufeira water sports groups have become….

“I felt a right chump and we were the laughing-stock of those assembled within eyeshot, on shore and watching from nearby boats –  but it felt right inside. “

Gurminder, 13 person stag group in June 2014.

Albufeira water sports options:

  • Albufeira Water SportsBanana boat – The classic of the watersports, and not to be underestimated! Peel off your wet suit and stride woman (or man-) fully onto the craft with the big banana between your legs. Trust us, you’ll always get a good ride. And groups…well,  you’ll have one banana for up to 10 Persons !
  • Water skiing – A great way to ski.  Instead of cold snow you have the warm sun and the ocean around you. If it is your first time, you might take a few rounds to get the hang of it, but after it is worth it.
  • Flying Fish – This is like a crazy version of the banana boat, and the one most people carp on about.  It takes up to 6 persons and it can (and will) lift off. Keep your fins and gills tucked away just in case…
  • UFO – for this you will also fly, like in a real UFO, but crazier, our UFOS take up to 6 people at the same time.
  • Albufeira Water SportsRings – like small UFOs, but the same fun, you can attach two rings for two people to the boat.
  • Your can also combine this with jet ski tours, we have four available, which can be used in pairs.
  • If you like to book parasailing as an extra, let us know, we can organize you this beautiful activity for an additional price. If you wish, you can go in pais. One ride is usually around 20 minutes.

Albufeira Water Sports Package – What’s included?

  • 1-4 hour Albufeira water sports depending on your choice
  • All necessary equipment
  • Monitors and instruction
  • Banana, UFO, rings, water ski and flying fish
  • Optional: Parasailing and Jet ski

How can I book the Albufeira water sports package and find out more?