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Salsa & Kizomba
Pole Dance & Burlesque

Albufeira Activities – Dance classes in the Algarve for your hen do!

Looking for fun Albufeira Activities? You have enough of lying around at the beach and want to get moving? Try our exclusive dances classes with professional teachers. We offer Salsa, Pole Dancing, Burlesque and the hip swinging Kizomba. Perfect for a Hen do, or a fun vacation with your friends. All our classes come with welcome champagne and props that you need to get into it. And the end you get a little certificate that you can take home. Remember to take lots of pictures of your group in fun positions!

Albufeira Activities - Dancing in PortugalAlbufeira Activities - Dancing in PortugalAlbufeira Activities - Dancing in Portugal


This hot and latin dance style can be done with or without a partner. Ideal to loosen up and feel sexy. We will show you she basics and different figures – as a welcome you will get a cheeky glass of champagne to make sure these hips are swinging!


Take your group to this class and learn how to dance slowly, seductively and with a lot of class! You will get props to dance with and to get in the mood. Also the glass of champagne will make sure you are able to loosen up a little more – if necessary!

Pole Dance

The classis albufeira activity for a good hen do! Come in short pants so you legs can grab on to the pole. First we will show you the basics of course, don’t expect to be twirling around the pole upside down in splits just yet! You will get a little certificate at the end and of course a welcome champagne.


A dance and music genre from Angola  – a bit similar to Samba – you will need to shake it – but not too fast, Kizomba is a bit slower than Samba. Modern sensuality meets traditional african rhythms. Mostly sung in Portugese it only makes sense to try this albufeira activity in Portugal. Learn something new and experience culture!

Albufeira Activities - Dancing in PortugalDancing – Hot Albufeira activities – What’s included?

  • Professional dance teachers
  • Welcome champagne
  • Certificates as a souvenir
  • Props to dance with
  • 1,5 hours dance fun

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