Crazy bouncy fun!
All equipment included
Great Stag and Hen do activity
Bounce for the win!

Your own personal bouncy-castle

Topping our list of Albufeira things to do is Bubble Football! One of our wackiest, most mental activities for Stag and Hen groups, Bubble football has all the madness of a battle royale mixed with the fact you’ve got clear-inflatable teletubbies costumes on. Imagine rugby mixed with wrestling and roller-coasters and you’ve got some idea of what’s on offer. You and your mates will never forget the thrill of attack and the futility of trying to play any sort of 4:3:4 strategy when your opposition has opted to just run and bounce you out of the way. There’s the beautiful game and then there’s the blowup, chaos-inducing game of Bubble Football.  Get in there!

albufeira things to do albufeira things to do albufeira things to do

Get ready for a blow up! All the equipment is provided for a manic hour of bursting match-play. Either try with your mates to play a game of normal football, if you can, or play a variety of other games such as Red Rover, Surround the Stag, and Breakout.  How about playing human-sized bowling? Our on-hand, English-speaking monitors can set you up with a few games meant to achieve maximum humiliation for the Hen or Stag and provide the best photo-ops for a lifetime of ribbing.

Albufeira things to do? Bubble Football!

Release your inner Gazza! It doesn’t matter the skill level or ferocity of play with Bubble Football, you’re in a giant bubble, mate! Your very own wearable bouncy castle keeps you safe and bouncing so everybody in your group can just let loose and go for it. Enjoy your moment of bouncy invulnerability and let your mates try to knock each other down – you’ll bounce right back up again! Contact one of our representatives and get your gang bouncing for a memorable game and make your trip to Portugal something special.

Bubble Football in Albufeira Portugal – read what our customers think

“That was a mental afternoon, none of us had played bubble football before- whoever invented this was a genius. We had a blast on the pitch and the Stag really bore the brunt of our aggression.  Well done!” – Steve, Norwich, 2015

Bubble Football Albufeira – typical schedule 

  • 13:30 Either our guide meets you, or you get your own transport to the pitch
  • 13:45 Get your bubble and get in it! Start playing!
  • 15:00 Games end, filled with the success of seeing your friends bounce off your other friends, or the ground.
  • 15:30 You’re back at your accommodation, superbock, caipirinha or tinto in hand.

Albufeira things to do?  Bubble Football! – what is included

  • English speaking monitor who will arrange the games
  • 1 hour of different games
  • Bubble equipment, ball and a pitch waiting for your athletic prowess
  • Optional: Private  transport to the venue with guide

Albuferia Things to Do: Bubble Football – what else do I need to know?

  • Note you can book a bubble extravaganza for more than one hour if you wish, and if you’ve got the stamina of course.
  • Various types of games as well as football can be organised.
  • Beware playing this activity in the heat of summer at midday – you’ll cook inside your bubble! Drink loads of fluids and, if going for it, consume alcohol responsibly

How can I book Bubble Football?