90 min class
A Burlesque Expert instructrice
A Naughty Glass of Champagne

Algarve Burlesque Master Class – unleash your inner sensuality

Ever felt that urge to let go of your inhibitions and strut your stuff, bump and grind those hips, glide off those gloves and stockings like a pro! Why not let the tantalising world of the Burlesque dance in the Algarve give you the opportunity to do so! Burlesque dancing is gaining popularity not only because it’s fun but, because the fashions of the burlesque era are back in favour.

burlesque_4burlesque-11Albufeira burlesque

Burlesque encompasses much more than just stripping. It’s an entire act. Even though it’s a dance, art performers also sing, act and do comedy acts. Why not let The Spain Event give you the platform to take your mind, body and soul into a different world, a world where you mix historic pasts with present sensuality, a world with alluring colours, sensual lingerie and friendly teasing. Christina Aguilera planted the Burlesque seed, let the beautiful destination of the Algarve aid that seed to blossom into the beauty of the act!

Burlesque in Albufeira for your hen do

The Algarve Burlesque dance class has all the ingredients to capture that inner desire and let your imagination become a reality. Our professional, experienced Burlesque teacher will guide you through all the movements to give you the added confidence to liberate your body in the most sensual way. Our Master class in the beautiful Algarve caters for all levels irrespective of your experience – let us help you Shine!

Burlesque on the Algarve – read what our customers say:

“A sensational, scintillating thoroughly enjoyable class! Burlesque was always something the other girls wanted to try, I was always a little less confident in dressing for the occasion! I am ever so thrilled I was roped into trying it. Burlesque gave me the opportunity to let all my inhibitions go and showcase a side of me I never knew I had. Loved it that much that we joined a local group to enhance the skills we learnt in the Algarve. A big thank you to The Spain Event for organising such a superb class” Emma, Cambridge (UK) – April 2014 Hen in Algarve (14 Girls)

Algarve Burlesque Master class – what is included

  • At least 90 mins of burlesque masterclass
  • Our fun and professional instructor
  • Champagne (to make you feel…great!)

What else do I need to know?

  • This is your chance to glisten and let loose! So leave the casual attire inside the suitcase and dress to thrill
  • The Burlesque dance not only gives you the chance to strut your stuff it also plays a pivotal role in helping your fitness

How can I book or find out more about the Algarve Burlesque Class?