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Clay Pigeon Shooting Algarve activity

Take your group on a memorable shooting trip on the Algarve to a premium clay pigeon shooting range in the Portuguese countryside, near Albufeira. Our clay pigeon shooting Algarve activity is the stag or hen activity that really sets clay cats among clay pigeons and sharpens up your beer-fuzzied aim…

“Pull” –  take aim and squeeze, well it sounds simple enough

clay pigeon shooting algarve

We’ll take you to a  European and Portuguese Championship shooting range where for a couple of hours an expert instructor will get you a little bit better versed in the techniques of shooting safely.

It is all about sight and judgement. This is competitive way to spend an afternoon on your hen or stag do in the Algarve, we recommend putting it in the crosshairs of your weekend plans !

Advice on Clay Pigeon Shooting in Algarve

  • Look at the target only, not the “beads” on your shotgun.
  • Move the gun to the target as soon as you see it…make sure you get to it before you fire.
  • Look at the target and you will naturally move the gun where you are looking
  • Keep the gun firmly against your shoulder to avoid bruising from the ricochet of the stock.
  • Feet together, lean forward slightly, swing the lower body from the hips swing smoothly – body, gun (and soul) should move as one unit.
  • Hearing protection is a must.
  • Important to keep the barrel of your gun moving in front of your target (maybe 1 or 2 barrel lengths).
  • Squeeze…and watch the target burst (if you are on form) but remember that clay pigeons asre not as tasty as the real ones, or the Frango Piri Piri served locally!

Shooting Clays on the Algarve – Typical schedule

  • Try our Clay Pigeon Shooting Algarve1330: Pick-up time at your Albufeira hotel
  • 1400: Arrive at the clays range – start with a briefing on safety and equipment from your monitor.
  • 1430: Begin shooting – keep your gun pointing upwards please! You’ll shoot either one by one or in small subgroups. Those waiting can amuse themselves at how bad their mates’ aim is, or have a quick babyfoot competition at the café.
  • 1600: The shooting ends with scores and head shaking (no doubt). Who was the sharpest shot?
  • 1630: Transport back to your hotel or another central drop.

Clay Pigeon Shooting – What is included ?

  • Private coach travel from the Albufeira area. Remember to let us know which hotel you are staying in!
  • Qualified English speaking gun instructors – this is a Portuguese Championship range.
  • 25 skeets of varying types and difficulty, depending on ability.
  • Bar and café facilities.

Algarve Clays – What else do I need to know?

  • No one under the influence will be allowed to participate for obvious reasons. We recommend an afternoon slot so you don’t arrive too groggy after a night out in Albufeira.
  • Safety is paramount during shooting at all times and you must heed the advice of the monitors.
  • This activity is available all year and start times are flexible.
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How can I book Clay Pigeon Shooting Algarve?