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Benidorm Cocktail Master Class – Cocktails Paradise

The Spain Event invites all Hen, Stag and Corporate groups to this shaken and stirred Benidorm cocktail master class! In the beautiful surroundings of Benidorm you will be guided through some of the world’s best cocktails.

From Mojitos to Manhattans, Cosmopolitans to Mai Tai’s our expert will guide you through the tantalising ingredients, instructions and mixing tutorial required to create a real  piss-up de resistance!

Benodorm cocktail mixingBenidorm cocktailBenidorm cocktail masterclass

We’ll take you to one of the top cocktail bars in Benidorm our master class will put you through your paces in a cocktail heaven! Exploring the history of cocktail making as well as learning about the three layers that are associated with any cocktail.

Cocktails have a hidden science behind there preparation and our expert shakers will provide the Mixology behind this. We assure you that once your Hen, Stag or Corporate group have quaffed a Master Class prepared concoction you will be ever ready for the night ahead!

If you are looking for things to do for a mixed group, try a brain storm or a straw-poll after a few margaritas. Avoid the angostura of not knowing. There may be (Warninks) Advocaats for other activities, but we say avoid the classic Bols-ed up hen do, and come to us. If your group likes  a drink there is no better way to firm up those tipples. Our expert bar staff are everything you’d want from a cocktails mixing barman. Charismatic, knowledgeable and incredibly fun!

Read what our customers say – those who could still speak anyway…

“We had a bundle of laughs making the cocktails and have held quite a few cocktail parties since arriving back! Perfect activity for a group. Thanks Tony for organising!”Nadia, Colchester (UK) – March 2014 in Benidorm (14 Mixed Group)

Benidorm Cocktail Master Class – Typical Schedule:

  • 20.00–You will be met by our expert guide at your hotel or a central meeting point
  • 20.30 –Arrive at the exclusive cocktail bar – And the fun begins
  • 23.00 – The class ends but the final whistle has not been blown just yet! Our expert guide will suggest some amazing bars where you can carry on with the cocktail frolics!
  • Times are flexible, so let us know if you need different timings

Benidorm Cocktails Evening – What is included

  • A minimum of 4 different cocktails to taste with an assortment of bar snacks.
  • Cava or Spanish champagne to start the night with!
  • Our expert bar staff and guide will arrange a competitive edge to the night by putting your group in teams. Let’s see who can shake and stir the best!
  • After the entertaining Master class we are sure the taste buds will be at the ever ready!
  • Our expert guide will provide some after party ideas in some awesome cocktail bars!

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