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Benidorm Sticky Vicky & More – The Stag Stitch Up!

So you’ve booked some great accommodation. Airport transfers are all sorted. You’ve even booked a private boat with drinks for a few hours, so what’s missing? The classic stag stitch up of course! No stag do will be complete without a little ritual humiliation, all in good jest of course. So here you have a break down of some of the most fun (possibly debauched), interesting and as excruciatingly embarrassing as we can muster just for you, and the rest of your stag do party. So whether a bit of the Benidorm Sticky Vicky show tickles your fancy or something in a younger model, we have it covered!

Handcuffed to a Dwarf – a pocket rocket!

This classic, and increasingly popular, stitch up really is a hilarious way to go. Our brilliant male or female dwarf will go out of his or her way to really embarrass the stag. With a great sense of humour and plenty of experience in knowing how to wind up the stag to the full amount this activity will make sure the stag and the rest of the group (with photo evidence of course) has a stag do to remember. You can choose 1 or 2 hours around the busiest bars in Benidorm, where maximum embarrassment can be had. You can even choose from some brilliant outfits. You could even make the stag wear a matching one!

Benidorm Sticky Vicky – still going strong!

Yes, she’s still at it! A legend in her own right the talented Benidorm Sticky Vicky really is something to see! Born in 1943 this spring chicken still has what it takes with one of the most original and still outrageous shows around. After over 30 years of experience she can still convert an empty venue into standing room only in just a few minutes. All hail Benidorm Sticky Vicky. See her in the only place you can!

Stag Stitch Up!Stag Stitch Up!Benidorm Sticky Vicky

Striptease – caught with your pants down!

Let us arrange a sexy senorita to surprise the stag in the best possible way. You can book a sexy dancer to come and do her thing in a bar to maximise the potential for a red faced, trouserless stag! There will also be the possible added (sexual and fun) torture of wax, whips and a few other toys

Ask to add the Benidorm Sticky vicky show or any of these great stag stitch ups to your package at a discounted rate. After all a stag do isn’t a stag do without a little bit of humiliation surely?

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