Unlimited Ammo
2 h of Action
Photo set

Airsoft Combat– All is fair in love and war!

Pranks are part and parcel of all Stag activities and they all involve embarrassing the groom to be in some shape or form. We give you and your group the opportunity to really give the Stag a proper send off! Our Benidorm Airsoft Combat activity is a military simulation game which is similar to paintball but much more realistic (And for the real men!) It is as close as you can get to real military battle without the risks in actual warfare. Airsoft uses exact weapons of replica like and instead of messy paintballs, they fire BB’s (6mm plastic balls) No Pain No Gain!

Our Airsoft Combat activity in the beautiful Benidorm will ensure you have a fabulous fun filled day. The activity will be imaginative and will provide exciting game scenarios, stealth, speed, strategic planning and speed. The activity will range from recreations of events of the past to short firefights. Vehicles are used which will add another dimension to the games but don’t let that be an excuse for the Stag to hide! (This is your groups moment to give him a whooping to remember!)

AIRSOFT BENIDORM SHOOT OUTAirsoft Benidorm games Benidorm airsoft perfect for stags

Read what our AIRSOFT VETS say:

“Highlight of the Stag for sure! Even though a few of us felt the slight sting of the plastic balls after the activity, we would all do it again in a heartbeat! We all wanted an adrenalin rush and we got one, games were great, equipment was so life like and the Stag certainly got his fare share of plastic balls! Thanks guys for organising”
Neil, Huddersfield (UK) – June 2014 Stag in Benidorm (10 Lads)

Benidorm Airsoft Combat– Typical Schedule

  • These times a merely suggestions. Others are available
  • 1500: We suggest picking you up at your accommodation and take you to the place of battle
  • 15:30: Safety Briefing
  • 16:00: Time to change the attire and prepare for war!
  • 16:30: Battle begins
  • 18:30: Battle ends
  • 1900: Time to lick the wounds or not and organise a night out on the town!

Benidorm Airsoft Combat – What is Included

  • Unlimited ammunition (So no excuse to make sure the Stag is prime target!)
  • Options for return private transport
  • All equipment
  • 2 hours of game play
  • Tactical fun missions
  • Photos

Benidorm Airsoft Combat – What else do I need to know

You are in the depths of war! Attire is key. You should wear sturdy footwear or trainers.
An activity that separates the men from the boys! There is a degree of pain associated with Airsoft but, nothing that will stop the beers flowing later in the evening

Benidorm Airsoft – how can I book or find out more?