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Drinks included
Private Transport

Baby Bull Run in Benidorm


So the question is, have you got what it takes to stand in front of a bull with the aid of a mere cape and your own agility to get out of the way if it charges? It’s time for the bragging to stop and for your entire stag or hen party to put their money where their mouth is.

This hilarious and adrenaline-charged activity is unique to Spain and an absolute winner when it comes to photo opportunities. And if you are a little concerned about how you are going to end up, don’t be. Our expert monitor will show you exactly how it is done first.

So listen up, watch the pro at work! Then dress the stag up as a red poker-dotted flamenco dancer and throw him to the lions… whoops, the bulls! And be ready yourself to jump in and distract the beast if it looks like the stag has run out of steam. Take turns at dancing in front of the bull, feigning left and then jumping right to keep clear of the bull’s blunt but still painful horns.

Benidorm baby bullfightBenidorm bullfightBenidorm bull run 

Baby Bull Fighting in Benidorm

Benidorm stags take note! This activity has caught on as the THE stag weekend activity in Spain. What really makes this a great day out is that once you have finished with the bulls (or vice-versa!), you can retire to the bar to lick your wounds over a good few cold beers and then enjoy a replenishing and delicious BBQ or paella lunch.

All in all, the Benidorm Bullfight is a cracking day out that you and your stag or hen party will never forget! So if you are the best man, make sure you bring your camera… these photo opportunities are just not to be missed.

Benidorm Bullfight – typical schedule

  • 1300: Our coach picks you up from your hotel
  • 1345: You arrive and grab a beer to psych yourself up for what is to come
  • 1400: Time to face the music, well, the baby bulls!
  • 1500: Lunchtime – a homemade paella or BBQ option
  • 1600: Our coach takes you back to your hotel

Benidorm Bullfight – what is included

  • Private return coach transfers
  • One-hour baby bull running
  • A Paella lunch or BBQ including drinks (beer and sangria)
  • Expert monitor
  • if you want we can include a striptease for your group as well

Benidorm Bullfight – what else do I need to know?

  • Baby Bull Running is a fun but potentially injury-causing activity. And this is not due to the bulls, but rather to people falling over and spraining their ankles (although you can expect some bruises if the bull gets hold of you!).
  • As a result, wearing suitable footwear is essential. Trainers are the best, while anyone in flip flops will not be allowed in the Benidorm Bull Ring.
  • For the same reason as above, anyone who is considered to have drunk too much prior to the event will not be allowed to participate.
  • All participants will receive a safety briefing before the activity.

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