Hours of Action
100 free shots
Equipment & briefing

Benidorm Paintball – Let The Games Begin

Experience a fun filled action packed day with your Stag, Hen or Corporate group with our Benidorm Paintball activity. With an area covering over 5000 meters, full of obstacles and hiding places in abundance (coward!), the activity gives you every opportunity to strategise your attack and keep your safety in check!

Our expert guide will make sure you are kitted out in the necessary gear, loaded up and ready to engage in battle.  Several games available, we will suggest these to you but, if you have suggestions of your own then please request them and our guide will try and make it work.

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Benidorm Paintball – we do it all!

We will meet you at your Hotel and accompany you to the beautiful hillside location of the Paintball arena. Once you have arrived we will brief you on the afternoon ahead, safety information and the handling of the guns. The materials used are of the highest quality and as long as your position is correct, your aim accurate it will be very difficult for the opposition to take cover. Paint Ball is for the masses so we welcome all Stag, Hen or Corporate groups to be that Star shooter.

Balls already painted ? – read what a battle-scarred former customer says:

“With a few of the lads out for the stag’s blood, I knew this exercise would go down a treat. The location was perfect and we really captured some beautiful parts of Benidorm whilst being driven to the Paintball venue (fauna and flora). The area was a lot bigger than what we expected and the hiding areas were truly fantastic! Our guide stayed with us the whole duration and took us to a beautiful spot after the activity for some well-deserved pints. Well done The Spain Event for making the whole afternoon a thoroughly fun packed one. ”  William, Staines (UK) – March 2014 Stag in Benidorm (10 Lads)

Benidorm Paintball– What is included

  • 100 free shots to load up with.
  • Monitors
  • Safety equipment and instructions.
  • Experienced guide providing assistance.

What else do I need to know?

  • Start times are pretty flexible, so let us know what time you’d like. Bear a couple of things in mind though:
    • Huge hangovers can be counterproductive in modern day battle arenas – in case that early morning dip in the Med fails to rouse you, book later in the day…
    • The 90-degree-plus heat in summer may get you well steamy under the helmet – so choose a late start in hot months!
  • Leave the Gucci loafers in the hotel. This is all about sweat and courage. Tough boots with some tough clothing would be ideal!
  • As ever in a fight, be ready to run away! Stag-do paintball can be compared to a game of chess – but played by a bunch of sadistic lunatics loosely termed “mates”. So stay on the move and be ready to dodge friendly fire. Prepare yourself as survival of the fittest is the key here (rendering that ninth Grey Goose last night almost ill-advised…).

How can I book or find out more about Benidorm paintball?