Private Studio
90 mins class
Professional Instructor
All Latin Moves

Benidorm Salsa Class – your private latino shakedown

Want to learn how to swing those hips and move like a true Latina with Benidorm Salsa Class?  Let the world of Salsa take you there. Salsa dance has a passionate rhythm which provides the fuel and desire to become part of it. The seduction that lies in its sheer simplicity is what separates Salsa from its competitors. If your daytime invasion of Benidorm beach with only the Ambre Solaire for protection was a veritable Bay of Pigs, then welcome this Cuban Revolution. Luckily Salsa dancing is zen-on-steriods, you’ll soon be up, up, up, hips swinging and all set for the big party again.

Our class will provide you and your camaradas with a well-rounded knowledge of the foundations of salsa dancing. Your pro dance teacher will ensure your  group learn the simple and defining techniques. And how to look great with rum spilt all over your cocktail drss. In your own private space in a superb location we ensure a fun, purposeful, and…sexy Latin experience.

Benidorm Salsa ClassSalsa BenidormSalsa Class in Benidorm

Back from the front line of salsa in Spain…hear what our previous customers have said:

“We were promised passion and laughter and we got a lot more! We didn’t realise how sensual Salsa was but, we certainly took to it like a duck to water. A big thank you to our Salsa dance teacher who was very patient and made sure we got the moves spot on. Even though a few of us found out we have two left feet! This class helped us heaps! Superb fun. Thanks TSE for a great class”
Gina, Glasgow (Scotland) – March 2014 Hen in Benidorm (16 Girls)

Private Salsa Dance Class – Typical Schedule

  • 15:50 Meet us at the venue
  • 16:00 Fun and games begin – Its Salsa time
  • 17:30 End of the class but not the end of the night. With the Latin fever running through your body we will suggest some hot spots to keep on swinging!

Private Benidorm Salsa Class – what’s included

  • 90 min class
  • A professional Latina expert
  • Private dance studio

What else do I need to know about the Benidorm Salsa Class

  • Wear something cool and sexy!
  • There is a fine line though, enjoy have some fun and show a little bit of flesh but, make sure the rating is PG
  • Shoes that stick to the floor are a no no and will slow down your turns. That’s why getting your footwear right is key to the Salsa dance.
  • We suggest platform shoes that are designed for Salsa dancing.

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