Where to Stay in Benidorm- group booking deals

Whether you are looking for a top-notch hotel or just a place to rest your weary head after a hard couple of nights on the town in Benidorm, The Spain Event has the perfect option for you. We can offer your stag or hen group a variety of possibilities regarding where to stay in Benidorm and your group will also get discounts on some of our great activities if you book accommodation with us.


If you are still not sure exactly what type of accommodation you need, here is what The Spain Event has to offer:

Four-star Beachfront Hotels

Leave your wallet, purse or smart phone in your hotel room, grab your towel, put on your flip-flops and walk straight out onto one of Benidorm’s top beaches for a swim and a bit of sunbathing.

If you meet up with someone and fancy going for a drink or a bite to eat, you can always nip back to your hotel, change, get everything you need and be back in five minutes flat! This accommodation is undoubtedly the best on offer in Benidorm and is a real treat for any comfort-loving no fuss stag or hen. Check out the photos below!

Benidorm Beach HotelBeach Hotel in Benidorm4-star hotel in Benidorm

Three and Four-Star Hotels with Pool

The Spain Event can also offer you and your stag or hen party a variety of three and four-star hotels. Well located and modern, these hotels are also an excellent option for those who like a bit of comfort and a swim, but don’t need to “go the extra mile” to be near the beach. Being near the nightlife is good enough!

Apartment Accommodation

The most economical option of all and oft-times also the most fun. You can share these fully equipped apartments with your friends and enjoy your own little “home away from home”. The Spain Event can offer apartments for three, four and five persons that are both comfortable and well located.

Benidorm Apartments where to stay in benidormApartments in Benidormwhere to stay in benidorm

With good views and a swimming pool to boot, why not save a few pennies for some other fun activities and stop stressing about where to stay in Benidorm. Just have a look at the photos below and ask us for a quote!

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