Learn the secrets of this erotic dance
Your own private studio
Champagne included
English speaking Instructor

Benalmadena Burlesque Class: Taking sexy up a notch!

You’re not the ordinary group of Hens who just want to lie on the beach all day and drink like fish all night – there’s got to be something special in the events calendar just to liven things up a bit. Our Benalmadena Burlesque Dance Class is just the sexy, out-of-the-ordinary activity to spice things up and have a giggle together. Discover all the sultry, sensual, erotic moves that you’ve seen in the movie ‘Chicago’…or in the latest Beyonce videos – time to do that sexy dance with the chair! Our private dance studio and professional instructor gives you the space to learn and explore the hot sexy world of Burlesque dancing. The boys back home will never know what hit them!

Benalmadena burlesque Benalmadena burlesque Benalmadena burlesque

Where sexy meets the West End! This is an occasion to get a bit dressed up – got some lacey tights and heels? Now is the time! Your hens are going to have intimate time being introduced to the sleazy, irresistible attraction of Burlesque dancing. Everyone afterwards is going to have a few new secret moves for the bedroom, and the braver ones will show them off on the dancefloor later! Just to get things going we’ve got a welcome glass of champagne as you arrive and meet your instructor, just to put everyone in the mood and loosen up those inhibitions! Then it’s time to break out your feather boas! This outrageous dance-style was scandalous when it first came out – let’s have some of that!

What happens in Benalmadena….

Centrally located in the middle of Benalmadena, our private studio is ready to receive your sexy Hen do for a classic Burlesque dance class experience! Arrange the class at a time to suit your schedule (everybody probably will want a lie-in from the night before!) so you can make the most of your time in the south of Spain! After the class why not try a Cocktail-making Class with your very own VIP Afterparty with your very own Butler in the buff! Make your Hen fiesta in Benalmadena spectacular! 

Benalmadena Burlesque Class – read what our customers think

“We were glad we signed up for a burlesque class because us girls wanted to have a giggle and treat ourselves to something unusual. Selena showed us some really sexy routines, she had us doing the whole sexy chair dance thing and we had dressed up in some sexy outfits just to get in the mood. What a great time, thanks ” – Sally, organiser of an 8 person hen-do, Bristol, 2015

Burlesque Class – typical schedule 

  • 11:45 Meet your friendly, knowledgeable, English-speaking instructor
  • 12:00 break out your boas and start the sexy burlesque dance class!
  • 13:30 Class comes to an end. Break out the champagne!
  • 14:00 Return to your accommodation to get ready for the next activity!

Benalmadena Burlesque Class – what is included

  • Expert dance instructor
  • 90 minute class
  • Our intimate private dance studio just for your group
  • A drink (beer, wine or champagne) and a little nibble at the end of the class

Benalmadena Burlesque Class- what else do I need to know?

  • Get into the spirit of Burlesque and bring some sexy lingerie to dance around in. This is your own private studio to play in!
  • No matter what your dance level, this class is perfect to introduce you to the erotic world of burlesque dance. The lads back at home won’t know what hit them!
  • Get dolled up a bit and put on some eyeliner and wear something slinky for dramatic effect!
  • Unlike other dance classes, this one is more about technique and sexiness, so no need to worry about putting on a sweat- your eyeliner will remain intact!

How can I book a Burlesque Class in Benalmadena?