Champagne and stawberries
Your very own Butler in the Buff
Get served in bed!
Surprise the Hen!

Champagne Breakfast with a Butler in the Buff – Ooh la la!

You and your Hens had a big night out in Benalmadena last night and there you are relaxing after a good lie-in when suddenly there’s a knock at the door. Who could that be? Room service? Oh MY! Let the morning’s festivities begin with our Champagne Breakfast served by your very own naughty Benalmadena cheeky Butler in the Buff! You want your Hen visit to the south of Spain to be memorable, don’t you? This is one special occasion you’ll remember! Our hunky Spanish butler brings a delicious array of breakfast treats for your Hens to enjoy in comfort…along with orange juice and loads of bubbly champagne! Celebrate your Hen-do in España with style!

Benalmadena Cheeky Butler benalmadena cheeky butler benalmadena Cheeky Butler

Men always look good wearing a bow tie! Our special cheeky butler has a truly scrumptious breakfast ready for you! Be poured loads of champagne by an eager man-servant while nibbling on fresh strawberries, smoked salmon and other tasty treats! This is the way to wake up right – just you, your mates, bottles of champagne and your very own muscled naked butler to help out. Time to get some incriminating snapshots ladies! It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the help!

A Benalmadena Cheeky Butler to make your morning special

Be served right in your hotel room! A delectable spread of fresh fruits and other nibbles to accompany your champagne is surely the healthiest way to prepare for another day of Hen mayhem. Your very own Butler in the Buff will serve you hand and foot to ensure that your Champagne Breakfast is delightful. You don’t even need to get out of your PJ’s!  When you are finished with breakfast why not follow that up with something refreshing….like an all-out Booze Cruise on the Med! Anchors away! Make your visit to Benalmadena spectacular! 😉

Champagne Breakfast with Butler in the Buff – read what our customers think

“We were thrilled to have our very own naked butler serve us our strawberries and champagne! The Hen loved it – though she was pretty shocked at first, she warmed up to it. The guy serving us was hot!” – Meredith, organiser of an 8 person Hen-do, Cardiff 2015

Benalmadena Champagne Breakfast with Butler in the Buff – typical schedule (this schedule is only a recommendation – the event happens when you want it to happen) 

  • 10;30 Knock-knock…who’s there? Ooh, Champagne Breakfast? What a great surprise! Oh my, isn’t he handsome……(and then the real surprise begins ? )
  • 11:30 Strawberries have been served and eaten, champagne has been quaffed and there’s been a few squeals of delight!
  • 11:35 With farewell photos clicked and fond goodbyes made, it’s time for the next activity: everybody ready to set sail on the Benalmadena Booze Cruise Party Boat!?

Champagne Breakfast with Benalmadena Cheeky Butler – what is included

  • Your very own Butler in the Buff to serve you at your accommodation in style with 1 or 2 hours of naked (ok, he might have a bow-tie and apron on) service
  • Half a bottle of Spanish champagne per person
  • Orange juice
  • Platters of salmon with cream cheese on toasted bread
  • Platters of fresh fruit i.e. melon, strawberries, pineapple (depending on availability)
  • Platters of breadsticks wrapped in Spanish ham
  • Platters of toast with paté, jam, cheese and butter

Champagne Breakfast with Butler in the Buff – what else do I need to know?

  • Don’t even bother to get out of your pyjamas for this one – the butler won’t be wearing much of anything!
  • Have your cameras at the ready, as this is going to be a good time to take some incriminating photos and videos to share for later! This is the perfect activity to surprise your Hen!
  • What happens in Benalmadena stays in Benalmadena!
  • Nopw that you are all awake you’re ready for the activity of the day: a private Catamaran cruise on the Med, perhaps?

How can I book a Champagne Breakfast with a Benalmadena Cheeky Butler?