Private transport provided
Helmet and briefing
Expert riding Instructor
A saddle and a horse!

Saddle up for Spanish Adventure!

What could be more glorious than a day in Benalmadena horse riding by the sea? We’ve got trails with spectacular views and horses ready to take you on a trot! Whether you are an experienced rider or a novice, we have the expert monitors, sturdy riding gear and the beautiful landscape to make your day great. Your stag or hen is going to get a delightful surprise when you roll up to our stables and set out on a trusty steed. Why just sit around the beach all day when your cavalry of caballeros yearns for a day in the stirrups! Saddle up for a day on horseback and feel your inner Zorro!

Benalmadena horse riding Benalmadena horse riding Benalmadena horse riding

Saddle up! We take your group via private transport directly to the Benalmadena Horse Riding Centre where our experienced guides await with horses at the ready. Good for all levels of expertise, even novice riders can relax with gentle, eager animals that just like walking the trails. As our gang heads out you’ll have ample opportunity for photos as well as chances to work on your trotting, cantering and galloping! The sea-views and the savannah await the clippity-clop sounds of your approach.  Giddy up!

Benalmadena Horse Riding at its Best!

The famed Spanish character Don Quixote would have loved to ride on horses like these. The Conquistadors of Spain were masterful horse riders and the Spanish landscape is steeped in their ambiance and history. You can almost here the Flamenco music playing in the background, or is it the sound of The Dirty Dozen? Relive all the scenes from your favourite spaghetti westerns and ride on into the sunset! Book your group for a day of horseriding that will make that celebratory cerveza at the end worth savouring! Tally Ho!

Horse Riding in Benalmadena – read what our customers think

“We utterly loved our afternoon of horse riding. The views were incredible and all of us loved our horses. We didn’t want to leave! The guide took us on a lovely trail overlooking the sea and between the horse ride and the amazing Spanish weather, everything was perfect” – Lyndsay, Surrey 2015

Benalmadena Horse Riding – typical schedule 

  • 15:00 Hotel pick-up with with private transport to the countryside Benalmadena Horse Riding Centre
  • 1545: After a briefing, you’ll meet your mount and start on your 1-hour trek.
  • 1700: Relax, have a drink and pat your horse!
  • 18.30 Reurn via private transport back at your hotel.

Benalmadena Horse Riding – what is included

  • Private coach transport from your accommodation
  • Helmets and a briefing.
  • An expert riding instructor to lead your ride and give assistance and riding tips
  • A saddle and a horse!
  • Price depends on your group size and the time of year. In general, the larger your group the less you will each pay!

Benalmadena Horse Riding- what else do I need to

  • Wear long trousers and sturdy shoes so you can ride in comfort
  • Sun-cream is always a good idea in sunny Spain and a must from April to October…and a cowboy hat wouldn’t be amiss either!
  • Don’t forget your cameras so you can take some memorable pics of your Benalmadena Horse Riding experience.

How can I book Horse Riding in Benalmadena?