Jacuzzi & Essential Oil Showers
Hot Room (Turkish Bath)
Water jet pool
Foot bath & Relaxation beds

Benalmadena Spa Experience

Benalmadena MalagaClear your head and relax your body in readiness for another naughty night of Benalmadena Malaga boozing – pamper yourself with the Benalmadena Spa Experience! Benalmadena is world famous for its night life as much as its hangovers so if you’re planning a two-night stay and don’t know what to do in Benalmadena to recover, look no further – The Benalmadena Spa Experience awaits!

The BenalmaBenalmadena malagadena Spa Experience is just what any hard-partying hen group needs to ensure that the second night out in Benalmadena is as mayhem-filled as the first. Grab your your swimsuit and flip-flops on and head to the spa! Once there, your first choice will probably be the jet pool. Use the water jets to loosen up all those sore muscles and get rid of the knots in your neck and shoulders caused by sleeping in strange positions (or places!). Let the underwater jets soothe your tired back and legs after that endless pub crawl the night before.

Benalmadena MalagaBenalmadena Malaga Benalmadena Malaga

Relax in style at our Spa in Benalmadena Malaga

After a bit of a relax, you deserve a lie down, so why give the submerged water massage beds in the heated relaxation pool a try?  Have a dip in the Jacuzzi and get super-relaxed! Now, if the hangover is still nagging it’s time for a plunge in the cold pool! This gets your circulation going and will definitely make you forget your headache! What makes this treatment really work is to jump out quickly and head to the hot room or Turkish bath  contrast is the key. Sweat out all the toxins you took in the previous night and then you should still have time for one more relaxing session  the heated pools.

If you would simply like to treat yourselves to a little extra,  you can also pre-book massages, wraps, manicures, pedicures and other beauty treatments through The Spain Event and get a discount!

Benalmadena Spa – read what our customers think

“We really needed some pampering after the night before, so this Spa visit was perfect to get us ready for the next big night!” Claire, Chepstow, Organiser of 10 person hen do, 2015

Spa Benalmadena Malaga Experience – what is included

  • Private return transport from hotel included (minibus)
  • Water jet pool
  • Relaxation pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Cold plunge pool
  • Hot Room (Turkish Bath)
  • Foot bath
  • Relaxation beds
  • Showers
  • Add a 15-minute massage
  • Add a 15-minute massage, champagne, strawberries or truffles and chocolate therapy
  • Add dinner
  • Add private transport to and from the Spa

How can I book Benalmadena Spa Experience?