90 minutes
Massage incl.
A sensual treat
In Malaga

Hammam Malaga – Spa and Arab Baths

Ready for the ultimate in bathing ? Ready  for pure luxury ?  This may the high point of human civilization’s noble endeavours to make the female of the species feel just wo-o-o–o-onderful (and every “o”  is also a bubble). The perfect marriage (if such a thing is possible”!) of science, architecture and design.  Get yourselves  truly pampered and back in form, by bathing in the sublime neo-Mudejar splendour of Malaga’s stunning Arab Baths.

Malaga’s Arab Baths was built to purpose in the central medina area of this former Arabic  city. And that was hundreds of years before Radox and rubber ducks ! This is a hammam with a difference, a Malaga spa experience you are unlikely to find elsewhere.  It’s impossible to forget the Malaga arab baths are designed to match those built by the North African master builders who crossed the narrow straits of Gibraltar to civilize Spain and Europe all those hundreds of years ago, bringing maths, history and some decent food !

Malaga-Arab-Baths_Hammam-1Hammam MalagaHammam Malaga

Hammam Malaga – Hear what a contented Costa customer said:

“A pretty full-on karma experience the atmosphere is slilent, really soothing and we all felt great afterwardsm teh staff were very please and helped us with Sandra’s bag as mentioned….cheers” Liz Riefenstahl, contented Costa customer, May 2016

You may do the math, but the builders of the Hammam Malaga people love did the algebra and it all worked out. Held with mathematical precision at just the right temperature, bathe like a true Euclidian princess and just feel the worries (and stresses of a full-blown Costa del Sol hen weekend…) dissolve in these therapeutic waters.  This will delight all of your senses, using colour, silence, aroma, temperature and of course the delightful tickling sensations of water on your skin (!).

You’ll have 90 minutes of bliss in the hammam Malaga session including a full-body massage. The spa-baths let you relax fully in the water,  alternating the body from hot to cold in pools of various temperatures. This basically steams all the toxins away !

Arabian Baths – Hammam Malaga: Typical schedule (90 mins Total)

  • Sessions begin at 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600 and 1800.
  • Book early to avoid being disappointed or having to split your group into two shifts (max 25 per session)

Malaga Massage and Arab Baths: What is included

  • A 90 minute session at the Malaga Arabian Baths
  • A 15-20 min Massage
  • Towel-gown and lockers
  • Traditional arab teas to get those free radicals into shape!
  • Transport is not usually required, the Baths are in central Malaga can be reached easily on foot, or by Metro from your hotel.

Arabian Baths in Malaga – what else do I need to know?

  • THE RULE OF ABSOLUTE SILENCE MUST BE OBSERVED IN THE BATHS – it is not only rude but counterproductive not to observe this, as silence is part of the treatment. Anyone shouting or even talking will be asked to leave immediately!
  • Remember to bring your swimsuit,
  • Flip flops or special footwear are not required

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