Champagne & shots reception
Your own cheeky butler in the buff
VIP nightclub entry
Free drinks for the Hen

A Cocktail Class and Afterparty like no other

If your Hen fiesta is looking for things to do in Malaga the best choice is a Cocktail Class with and epic VIP Club Afterparty! Located in Benalmadena Costa del Sol and famous for its party scene, we’ve got an evening of mixology, drinking games and mayhem to make your Hen do something special. Learn how to make 2 classic cocktails (and then drink them!) all while being served by your very own cheeky butler in the buff! Our hunky staff are going to give a striptease for the Hen sure to ruffle her feathers!

Lisbon Cocktail Class4 Lisbon Cocktail Class7 Cocktails

After learning bartending secrets there are drinking games with prizes for the hen and the group, two full jugs of cocktails and two bottles of champagne.  The party rolls on with a striptease for the Hen, choreographed shows the group can join in before the first act comes to a close with the full monty performance from the staff! Go wild and experience a cocktail class like no other.

Stripping the party to its bare essentials

The Afterparty continues at Club Mango where we have special VIP seating arranged in a secured private area and a free drinks wristband for the Hen! Enjoy full line-skip privileges and get to the heart of the party.  The Cocktail Class and Afterparty make finding things to do in Malaga and Costa Del Sol a breeze. Get your group to Benalmadena and discover the cheekiest, booziest, full-monty party on the Med! What happens in Benalmadena stays in Benalmadena 😉

Cocktail Class and Afterparty – what our customers think

“Our cocktail class was brilliant as was our cheeky butler who really made us smile. The games were brilliant and the Hen had altogether too much fun!” Rebecca, Organiser of an 8- person Hen do, Hasting 2015

Cocktail Class and Afterparty – typical schedule 

  • 21:00 Get your group to the specially arranged bar for your private Cocktail class with cheeky butler. Get those mixing skillz going before enjoying the show!
  • 23:00 Hopefully now you’re in the zone to party and play some drinking games
  • 02:00 Get your group to Club Mango for your VIP line-skip entry and reserved seating

Cocktail Class and Afterparty – what is included

  • Champagne & shots reception
  • 2 jugs of cocktails
  • Cheeky butler in the buff for duration
  • Cocktail class : Making and drinking two signature cocktails
  • Drinking games for the hen
  • Drinking games for the whole group (all alchohol inclusive & about 7 games total)
    Includes prizes and fun forfeits with this
  • Full choreographed dances for the group to join in
  • Shows & entertainment
  • Striptease for the hen
  • Full monty finale from the the entire staff to finish
  • VIP seating in the night club afterwards (Mangos) – full security protected
  • 2 bottles of champagne
  • 2 x €7 wristbands
  • Free drink wristband for the Hen.
  • Our staff look after you all night
  •  Videos and photos sent to you or via FB/Instagram

Things to do in Malaga: Cocktail Class and Afterparty – what else do I need to know?

  • Everything is ready, it’s going to be a wild night
  • Combine your evening with a great daytime activity to make your day spectacular
  • What happens in Benalmadena stays in Benalmadena 😉

How can I book a Cocktail Class and Afterparty?