Embarass the Hen!
A great photo op!
Butler escorts you to your transport
Enjoy a welcome glass of champagne!

Your Very Own Cheeky Butler Airport Meet & Greet!

Start your Hen-do off right with your very own Cheeky Butler Airport Meet & Greet! The title pretty much says it all! We’ll have a hunky butler in the buff waiting for you at the arrivals hall wearing just an apron and a bow tie! Just imagine the look on the Hen’s face! Our man will be waiting for you with glasses of champagne for your group, a bouquet of flowers and a personalised card just for the Hen – get those cameras ready!  After a celebratory drink and a few cheeky snaps your very own butler in the buff will escort you to your waiting transport. Welcome to Spain!

cheeky butler malaga Cheeky butler malaga Cheeky butler malaga

Your man in Malaga is waiting for you!  What better way to start your Hen-do off with a bang than with your very own muscled Spanish butler to greet you as you arrive. Just to put you in the mood he’ll serve a tray of champagne to enjoy right there in the airport! Cheers to the start of an epic Hen-do! Then comes the bouquet of flowers – what blushing Hen wouldn’t want that? There’s sure to be a bit more blushing and giggles as your welcoming manservant escorts your group to their transfer. This is going to make a memorable start to a spectacular trip. Viva España! 

A Champagne Welcome? Oh yes!

Release your inner diva! No matter what your plans we want your trip to Spain to be epic. Whether you are staying in Marbella, Benalmadena, Puerto Banus or Malaga, we’ve got a huge list of activities that are sure to surprise, delight and make your Hen-do something special. Sign onto a Cocktail Class and learn about (and drink!) your favourite mixers with our expert, English-speaking mixologist! If you’re looking for something more active we’ve got a fantastic Pole Dancing Class ready to introduce you to the secrets of this sexy art. The boys back home won’t know what hit them! At the end of the day, nothing beats the Ultimate Hen Night, the perfect event to maxmise your Hen-do mayhem! Contact one of our representatives and make your Hen-do spectacular!

Cheeky Butler Meet & Greet – read what our customers think

Our Hen was a bit of a shy one, so we wanted to make our mark on the first day! The very buff cheeky butler was waiting dutifully as we left the luggage claim area and embarrassed the Hen completely! He wasn’t wearing very much of anything! Within moments there was champagne for all – it was amazing – the butler made the Hen feel very welcome. Great idea!” – Sarah, organiser of a 12 person Hen do, London, 2015

Cheeky Butler Meet & Greet – what is included

  • A Cheeky Butler greets you
  • He escorts you to your transport!
  • Personalised card
  • Champagne for your group
  • Bouquet of flowers

Cheeky Butler Airport Meet & Greet what else do I need to know?

  • Start your Hen-do off right!
  • Get your camera ready!
  • What happens in Malaga stays in Malaga!

How can I book a Cheeky Butler Airport Meet & Greet?