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Marbella Bullfight


Experience a once-in-a-lifetime taurine treat  a Marbella bullfight.  Try this traditional way to celebrate a special occasion in Spain.  If your stag do is full of Marbella bullfight toreros, get your hooves on and organise your very own capea.

The Costa del Sol region in Andalucia has always been home to some of Spain’s  most fearless beast-grapplers, impish, daring (and…more San Miguel than brains?). Sign up for the The Spain Event’s International Brigade and fight the beast in a Marbella bullfight, you’ll make Hilary Benn awfully proud.

Summer Stag Special in Marbella, Estepona, Malaga- bull running, beach and barbecue.

We suggest the best-ever  Stag Do with a Marbella bullfight, a mud wrestle, a barbecue and then an afternoon at the beach. These extra options combine well with this activity in summer.  Make this the greatest event you could dream up for a stag do. Throw in a bbq, mud wrestle in chocolate goo (with two strippers!) and then a dip at the local beach to make a well-rounded, (and slippery) day of Marbella stag pranks ! If you’d like to add these,  let us know  and we’ll give you some options.

Our Bull Running package includes a genuine Spanish bullfight (capea) with young animals – all in all a hilarious and original Marbella group activity. No animals are harmed!

Marbella Bullfight – typical schedule

  • Total time out for our standard option is  approximately 3.5 hours. These time vary, and depend on which type of transport you choose (public or private) so ask us if you prefer other time slots.
  • 1300: Pick up time at hotel
  • 1330: Arrive at the bull ring, survey the scene and think about what lies ahead (not wearing anything red are you!).
  • 1400: Bring on the Bulls…you’ll be spurred into action by the bull running staff (and the bull)…enjoy a beer or two while preparing for the run
  • 1500: Back on the bus for the hotel (or hit the beach !)

Bull running package Marbella – what is included:

  • Return private coach travel
  • Full safety briefing
  • At least one hour of bull running and several fearsome thoroughbred animals
  • Drinks and a full Spanish lunch can be added (at an additional cost).

Baby Bull Running – what else do I need to know?

  • Our Baby Bull running is carried out with a young cow or bull. This is not mortally dangerous like “real” bull sports. The animal is not hurt.
  • Participants must be prudent and sober however, as there is a risk of bruising and accidents like falling and twisting an ankle. Sturdy training shoes should be worn.
Running of the Bulls in Marbella and Estepona

Note on Baby Bull Running Activity (“Capea”)

“Capeas” are a tradition in Spain , normally organised privately for family occasions such as confirmations, weddings etc for after lunch entertainment. This activity,while nothing like the dangerous public street version of “Bull Running”, is carried out with live animals so in the unlikely event of an accident, there is some risk of injury – mainly from collision with the animal and from the animals hooves.

It is also possible to sustain injury from running and turning (such as a twisted ankle) and from colliding with the walls of the bull ring. In terms of probability of accident, our experience is that the activity works out less risky than other activities such as paintball, horse riding or quad biking. Of course the thrill behind this activity is the risk that you may not get away from a live, dangerous-looking animal.  The risk of being “reached” is part and parcel of this activity.

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