Professional Dance Instructor
90-Minute Class
Introduction to Flamenco
Hand & Body Movements
Choreographed Routine

Marbella Flamenco Class

If you are planning to go to the Costa del Sol Spain for a full-on Marbella hen weekend, you really have to ask your bridesmaid to organise something that is totally Spanish – and a Marbella Flamenco Class is just ideal!  We will have you tapping, clapping and moving gracefully in no time… and if it’s not graceful, at least you will have some great photo opportunities!

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Our professional Marbella flamenco instructor will give you all the tutoring you need to understand and be able to perform the intricate hand and body movements that flamenco dancing requires. And we will even provide you with a dance routine to learn so you can strut your stuff at the night club when you get back home!

All in all, The Spain Event Marbella Flamenco Class is a fantastic and unique activity that is great value for money. Here are all the details you need to know about our Marbella flamenco class and also a few pointers about what to wear:

Marbella Flamenco Class – what to wear

  • Dresses, skirts or loose trousers are ideal attire for our Marbella Flamenco Class
  • Footwear is absolutely essential – avoid high heels, particularly stilettos!
  • The best footwear are boots or shoes with a low heel for tapping

Marbella Flamenco Class – what is included

  • Professional flamenco teacher
  • Private dance school
  • 90-minute introduction to flamenco dancing
  • Transport is normally not required, but if you are staying outside Marbella, please ask us for a quote to include private return transport

Marbella Flamenco Class – what else do I need to know?

  • We have a variety of times available at weekends for your Marbella flamenco class, so please let us know what time suits you
  • Our dance school also has instructors for Latino and salsa dancing, hip-hop & street dancing as well as jazz and contemporary dance.

How can I book or find out more?