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Marbella Hen Party Dinner and Strip

Our Dinner with a Strip Show and Club Crawl is the big Marbella Hen Party on Costa del Sol. Si Señorita! A great private meal for your own hen do, finishing with an even more private and meaty chunk of scrumptious Spanish Señor! Let The Spain Event organise your big celebration night out. The Hen Señorita Fiesta includes a delicious Spanish dinner with copious wine or beer and some rather tasty pudding(s). That charcuteria is embodied by a striptease in your own private room by a hunk of Spanish manhood!

Expect not to get to bed till well after breakfast! We’ll organise your big night out in Marbella, and make sure the hen really gets some special attention. We’ll sort out a high-quality Spanish restaurant with a private room where Señor Stripper will serve up some delicious helpings, and maybe bounce you on his knee. You’ll love the food, get well merry quaffing the vino or sangria, and possibly giggle or drool to death.

Marbella hen partyStripper in Marbella hen party

Getting to the resturant: We use several restaurants in central Marbella and Puerto Banus for your Marbella hen party.   Our guide will always accompany you and arrange any transport required, we  cannot always guarantee that the venue will be within a short walk of your hotel.

Hen do in Costa del Sol – Typical schedule

  • 21:00 Your guide meets you at your hotel or a central meeting point.
  • 21:30: The hen banquet begins.
  • 22:30: Striptease time!
  • 23:30: It’s off out into the night for pubbing and clubbing.

Dinner and striptease in Costa del Sol – What is included

  • A 3-course dinner with tapas starter, a choice of mains and desserts.
  • Average ¾ bottles of wine per person, or beer equivalent.
  • A striptease artist to perform your own personal full strip show!
  • Our local rep will take you around bars and clubs afterwards.
  • One free drink at clubs or free entrance.

Full Marbella hen party in Costa del Sol – What else do I need to know?

  • The restaurants we use are traditional, local establishments, offering a high quality menu of Spanish food.
  • If you have special requirements for food, or if you are vegetarian or have allergies, please let us know at least one week beforehand and your requirements will catered for.
  • Our guide will recommend the type of clubs and bars you’d like most.

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