Longest zip-line in southern Spain
More than 80 different challenges
20 different zip-lines
Bar and cafeteria with outdoor terrace

Marbella High Ropes – Amazonian walk

A high ropes course that will bring a dash of adrenalin and a little of the Amazon (or your fave tropcal jungle – we bet you’ve been in a few). The course includes a whole host of challenges and zip lines and we are assured that these rather high ropes are tied securely somewhere (with, like, a proper knot!). And The Spain Event gives you a total of 3 hours to “act like a monkey” (and look like one too!).

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The Marbella High Ropes Adventure Park has 3 different assault or “tree-top” courses and you can do them as many times as you like during your 3-hour adventure. The Marbella High Ropes courses are called The Jungle, The Adventure and The Sports Course. And if you want to repeat on the longest zip-line in southern Spain, no problem whatsoever… it’s only 250m long!

Marbella amazoniaMarbella High Ropes – The Jungle

  • Average Height – 3.6 metres
  • 13 Challenges

A nice casual way to start. Challenges are an intermediate level for youngsters and adults and this assault course includes a large climbing wall

flying foxMarbella High Ropes – The Adventure

  • Average Height – 6.4 metres
  • 15 challenges

This assault course is a now a bit more of a challenge, both in terms of height and also the complexity of the obstacles to overcome. And the circuit finishes with a mammoth 250m zip-line, the longest in southern Spain!

Marbella High RopesMarbella High Ropes – The Sports Course

  • Average Height – 9 metres
  • 13 Challenges

The most difficult of the Marbella High Ropes courses. Challenges are over a longer distance, a more testing and a lot further from the ground! This is the definitely only for the most adventurous! The course includes the famous Tarzan’s Leap and an amazing surf through the tree-tops.

Marbella High Ropes

The Marbella High Ropes park has a bar/cafeteria with an outdoor terrace and there is really no better place for a bite to eat after your exerts on the obstacle courses. So why not let The Spain Event book you and your friends in for a bit of pizza, a hot sandwich or some cold cuts and a few beers? Finally, there is no need to worry about safety. The new system of “smart” carabiners makes it impossible for one of the safety clips to become unhooked if the other is already open, as the two are synchronised. This means that participants are always connected to the safety line. Made from stainless steel, copper-aluminium alloys and cast aluminium, this is the latest technology applied to adventure parks all over the world.

Marbella High Ropes – typical schedule

  • 12:00 – Our driver picks you up from your accommodation and takes you to the the adventure park
  • 12:30 – You spend 3 hours frolicking in the trees
  • 15:30 – Add a pizza, a hot sandwich or cold cuts and a well-earned beer for lunch
  • 17:00 – Back at your hotel to freshen up for the big night out – and with stories to tell!
  • This is just a suggested timetable. Other options are available, so please just let us know what time suits you best.

Marbella High Ropes – what is included

  • Private return coach transport (if you want to save costs and are staying in Marbella, we can organise a guide to accompany you on public transport as well)
  • 3 Hours at the adventure park where you can go on all three adult high ropes courses as many times as you like.
  • You can add a light lunch and drink for a small extra charge

Marbella High Ropes – how to book