15 minutes in the air or more!
Great views!
Safe, easy and fun!
Great photo op!

Parasailing in Marbella Spain!

What could be better than perfect Mediterranean weather and white sand beaches except a trip above it all while parasailing! Fly along the beach with our elite parasailing cruisers and enjoy the high-life! Take a load off your feet and see the world from a new perspective as your chute carries you above the surf and turf and into the sky…and you can bring a mate along too! Come to Marbella Spain, join up with the jet-setters and reach giddy heights of fun with The Spain Event! Don’t worry, we’ll let you down gently afterwards, just make sure you take lots of holiday snaps while you’re up there so you can show ’em all off to your friends, along with your tan!

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You don’t need to be Rafa Nadal to parasail, and compared to our other more daft water activities like flyboarding, this is a breeze! Just take a seat, let our powerful outboards do all the pulling and enjoy life as you rise into the air. Our top-of-the-line equipment is going to give you a safe, comfortable ride and our expert organisers can put any concerns to rest with our clear safety briefing…but no matter what we won’t get rid of the butterflies you might feel!

Your seat in the sky!

Parasailing can be arranged around your schedule- we’re ready to go! We can arrange transport to our beachfront headquarters if you need to. We’re ready to make your time in Marbella Spain memorable and thrilling. What are you doing in Spain just hanging around?! Take off from the ordinary and get parasailing asap!

Parasailing Marbella Spain – read what our customers think

“I didn’t expect to be 10 stories up above my friends, but being the Stag has its perks! What a great view and I got to see everybody looking like little ants waving on the beach. What a great ride!” Pete, Ipswich, 2015

Parasailing in Marbella Spain – what is included, times, etc..

  • This activity is best carried out in spring or summer, as you’ll want to avoid any nasty winds or currents.
  • parasailingTimings: beginning times available all day on most days. Ask us if you have a preference but we recommend early afternoon.
  • Recommended flight duration is 10 – 15 minutes: longer trips are also available..
  • All safety equipment and expert advice will be supplied! You put in the huevos though!
  • Ask us if you want to include a guide and/or transport  we’ll give you a quote

Parasailing Marbella Spain- what else do I need to know?

  • Just bring your sense of adventure…and some swim trunks!
  • Are you a budding photograher? This is your chance to work on your bird’s eye views! Just make sure you strap it round you!
  • This safe easy yet thrilling activity is good for all ages– book now!

How can I book Parasailing?