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Fun things to do in Spain Marbella? Jet Ski!

You’ve arrived in Spain, Marbella has the perfect weather, the playa is where the action is, so get your group revved up by jumping on high-powered jet skis and zoom up and down the sea at 150 km/hr! One of the great things to do in Spain Marbella, jet skiing with our fleet of torqued-up Yamahas is going to make your Spanish holiday a splash (you see what we did there?) when you gun our 1200 horsepower wave-riders. Take a friend or two along cause we’ve got the newest three-person jet-skis, perfect for a cruise along the beach. Rent two and have a race, rent three and recreate the battle of the British against the Spanish Armada. Lord Nelson would be proud.

Spain Marbella Spain Marbella Spain Marbella

It’s a little known fact that jet skiing is a such a rush of adrenaline because the high-powered engines use supercharged seahorses for maximum acceleration! Ok, that last part isn’t exactly right, but it is true that our jet skis are top-of-the-line Yamahas and Kawasakis ready to take you and your group for a wild ride.

Ride off into the sunset

Of course at the Spain event we can get you going on jet skis, cable skiing, boat cruisesbanana boats and flyboarding (which is a bit mental) but if you’re interested in some other fun other things to do around Spain Marbella we’ve got quad-biking, bubble football (WHAT IS THAT!?!), classic go-karting and more! Enjoy the sun where-ever you are in Costa Del Sol and have a blast!

Jet Skiing in Spain Marbella – read what our customers think

“Me and the lads had a great time zipping around the waves and catching some air. The jet-skis were faster then I’d expected and we insisted the Stag wear his banana costume, which made our day. Great time and well run- thanks” Malcolm, stag organiser for 12, Farnsworth, 2015

Spain Marbella Jet Ski – what is included

  • Jet skiing can be done all year but we don’t recommend winter! Times are flexible, but we’d suggest you avoid an early start with that hangover!
  • You’ll have a safety briefing from trained and professional monitors as well as receiving all safety equipment.
  • Time on the jet skis varies depending on what you book
  • Ask us if you want to include a guide and/or transport, and  we’ll give you a quote

Spain Marbella Jet Ski- what else do I need to know?

  • Big news, jet skiing takes place in water, swim-wear is recommended
  • Though its not known if famed Spanish painter Salvador Dali ever went on a jet ski, we’re sure he would have loved it and painted crazy melting pictures of them if could have!
  • Wear some suncream, the Spanish sun is amazing 🙂

How can I book Jet Skiing?