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Puerto Banus – Spain’s most exclusive destination

And maybe the world’s ? There is much to write about Banus (yes, it’s “Banus” – pronounced Bah-noose.). What people say about it, why is it so exclusive: the yachts, the money the VIP-spotting, the money-laundering at nearby Gibraltar, the rich, the famous, the Interpol fugitives who sail in on their yachts, the wannabe people who crave their world, their diamonds, their hair, their bling….

Puierto Banus bars stag weekendsWhen Puerto Banus first opened for business, they say that the A-List party guests wolfed down 22 kilos of Beluga caviar. Hugh Hefner, the Aga Khan and Julio Iglesias were present that night and the celebs and super-rich have been coming here ever since. Like the Holywood stars who are often spotted here, the Costa’s most exclusive port is almost half a century old but still looks like a million dollars. If nothing but the best will do, then forget the other contenders, Puerto Banus is the Mayfair on the Costa del Sol Monopoly board, and it will make for one hell of a stag or hen experience.

Our guide to Puerto Banus nightlife and Daytime Activities

Click on the links below to read our guide to the night scene and the day scene in Spain’s most exclusive resort.

Stag and Hen weekend in Puerto Banus – see and be seen

Exclusivity is what it’s all about here. Your jaw might drop when a vintage Ferrari or yellow Lamborghini cruises down the main strip, but the locals will only bat an eyelid when the Saudi prince’s mega-yacht docks in the marina. There is no doubt that the 1000 vessels sparkling in the harbour provide the focal point to Puerto Banus in the day time. However, when the sun goes down the focus shifts to the port’s oh-so-chic nightspots, where you can rub Armani-clad shoulders with the cream of the party-scene.

If you want to feel like a millionaire for a few days, then here’s the place to come. Peruse the designer shops of Luis Vuitton, Hugo Boss or D’Or. Stroll along and admire the finest vessels on the Med. Invite millionaires’ daughters (or sons) to cocktails at the coast’s swankiest drinking spots. Pull out your designer sunglasses and mix with the trendy beach crowd. Forget that you’re faking it and flaunt it with the best of them. Best of all, you don’t have to blow a fortune to enjoy it (though you certainly can if you want!). When your group gets to Puerto Banus then forget everything else – it’s your turn to live like an (Arabian) Prince and party like it’s 1999.

Puerto BanusDa Ya Think I’m Sexy ?

Puerto Banus stagYou don’t want to be seen grubbing around “Banus” (as they call it) in a scruffy little Fiat hire car or a taxi cab now, do you? If Omar Sharif, Rod Stewart and Sean Connery (to name but the Scottish residents) didn’t have yachts at their disposal they would certainly be using one of these top notch vehicles to shift around the Costa. Puerto Banus is Spain’s most glamorous destination, so why not add a bit of gloss to your trip by booking a limousine for you and your friends? Whether you need us to pick you up at Málaga International Airport or just want to go for a ride, we can offer you a whole range of stretch limousines and hummers in a variety of stunning colours.

When frequent visitor Rod Stewart  isn’t singing “we are sailing” from his stellar yacht, we’ll venture that he is singing “we are driving” from behind the bonnet of something fast and stylish. And just in case you draw up at a set of traffic lights beside a tartan convertible, we recommend sorting yourself out with a car which will have Rod’s mullet nodding with approval.

After all, you don’t want to be seen grubbing around “Banus” (as they call it) in a scruffy little Fiat hire car or a taxi cab, do you? Why not go the classic route (66) by booking a shiny limousine for you and your friends? Or if you want to rev up the fun then a ride in a bad-ass stretch-hummer is a once in a lifetime experience. Whether you want picked up at Málaga International Airport or just fancy taking a spin, we have an array of sexy wheels for all tastes. Drop us a line to discover our full range of vehicles – all are offered in a variety of stunning colours.

Getting to Puerto Banus…and getting away

Unless you are sailing into town with Sean Connery or Beyonce (unlikely) then you’ll be flying into Malaga Airport (about 40 miles up the coast). Flights to Malaga are frequent from almost all UK airports which is great if your group lives in different parts of the UK. To get to your accommodation in Puerto Banus we strongly recommend opting for an airport transfer [LINK to our site]. This way you can stop worrying about potential Spanish taxi calamities and bask in the glory of your superb organisational skills as our chauffer whisks your group to the ‘Nus.

Hen do or Stag weekend in Puerto Banus  –  is it right for you ?

We polled the Banus Costa squad in our office and came up with some self-help questions: are you the PB type ?

Do Book for Puerto Banus if:

  • If glitz, glamour, style, stardom are right up your street
  • You’re A-list at heart
  • You firmly believe it’s all about where you’re seen and who you’re seen with.
  • You enjoy the finer things in life
  • You really want to be like the rich and famous and consider your involvemenmt in that set to be imminent
  • You have a dress that looks posh and you’dnever be able to wear it anywhwre el

Consider another  location in Spain or Portugal if you:

  • Find wannabe rich people more annoying than bona-fide rich people
  • Think designer labels are a waste of money
  • Are more beer-belly than botox, more Boddingtons than Brut
  •  Are looking for optimum-fun at minimal cost
  • Can’t stand people who can stand the rich and famous set
  • Hate wannabes,  hangers-on, groupies, and bling-sniffers

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