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Puerto Banus Boats and Yachts – We are sailing

But not into stormy seas. You can’t do the real Banus thing without stepping on to a sailing craft of some description and whizzing out over the blue Mediterranean to occupy your selves with all sorts of capers on the high seas. Puerto Banus boat rental usually means swilling a dry martini (or swigging a San Miguel – you’ll be out of sight of the paperazzi, 2 or 3 nautical miles off shore) while watching a pseudo-aristocratic bit of botoxed totty called Camilla Von Crumpethoff (or something) recline naked on the aft pooper board.

Or so we are advised, but, just to make it all a bit easier for you and your group, we’ll do the hard work.  We’ll sort you out with a lovely little speedboat or small yacht, all yours for the day (but you’ll have to give it back after that)  suitable for up to 12 people. A captain who wont have you marooned off Tangiers, some rather delivate on board snacks and a cool beer or two, Fishing is optional, as is the rather smart bit of Scandiniavian totty you might just coax away from the Puerto Banus shops to to come along.

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