60 mins
A safe thrill
Shoot your mates!
Great for groups
BBQ option

Archery Tag Barcelona

If you are looking for something new and different from the usual Stag and Hen activity sign your band of merry men and women up for Archery Tag Barcelona. With all the excitement of medieval battle we give you the gear you need to fire arrows at each other without the actual death or maiming. Yay! Our special equipment and obstacle-filled venue await your archers for a thrill like no other.


Release your arrows! Gather at least 8 players, form teams to fight against each other and be the one that obtains the most points, as in, hits. As well the onsite monitors will run different games to challenge your accuracy, speed and tactics. It’s definitely an event to let loose your inner Robin Hood. Get carried away by your imagination emulating your favorite characters from the Lord of the Rings, the Hunger Games or Game of Thrones.

Release your inner Legolas and take down your opponents in this safe but exhilarating team challenge

Put all your senses ready to evade the arrows of the opposing team. Quiver with anticipation as you face off against your opponents. Similar to paintball and lasertag, archery tag does not require extensive equipment and is very safe. That said, nothing beats the thrill of letting an arrow fly and hit the other guy.

Barcelona Archery tag Barcelona Archery tag Archery tag barcelona

Your quiver is empty and now it’s time for something more. The perfect event this evening to compliment this is a Gothic Bar Crawl in Barcelona’s famed Gothic district. Make your trip to Spain spectacular.

Well, no one had ever heard of archery tag! There’s something very natural about firing arrows at the Stag. Great activity – John, London 2016

Archery tag – typical schedule

  • 12:45 Arrive at the venue and recieve a briefing on the equipment
  • 13:00 Our monitors guide you through 60 minutes of Archery tag
  • 14:00 All finished and now it’s time to celebrate with an onsite BBQ

Archery tag Barcelona – what is included

  • 60 minutes in our Archery tag venue
  • All equipment and training from onsite instructors
  • lockers and changing areas available
  • BBQ option
  • 8 minimum group size

How can I book archery tag?