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Barcelona Bubble Football

Barcelona Bubble Football is one of the bounciest ball activities you can do anywhere. A cross between zorbing and football,  bubble footie is guaranteed hot air… and hilarity (especially if you are here in summer). It is, we suggest, a fitting way for both stags and hens to be ridiculous for a golden hour or so.

No matter how brutally competitive the encounter, no matter how many grudges have to be settled… there is no way in the world you will remember the score! If all of this is simply reminding you of the side full of balloons you follow in the Premiership…well you can also bounce up to the Camp Nou for reorientation.

Includes public transport, one of our guides, all equipment, music, changing rooms and showers

barcelona bubble football barcelona bubble football Bubble Football

Don’t be afraid to go in hard- you’ll be full of hot air really

So for once in your life you can give it your all and not shy away from a collision with that mate of yours who has always sat you on your bum in the past. No chance of injury in your zorb, except to your pride as you bounce around with both your legs in the air!

And for all those would-be divers, there is absolutely no place for faking a knock in bubble football, although you might find getting back on your feet a real challenge.  What was the score again?

Football and other bubble games – anything goes and the zorb covers a multitude of sins

And it is not just about football. Here are some of the alternative games we play with our groups to give you an idea of just how much fun you can have:

  •  Free for all: Everyone stands in a circle without a ball and waits for the whistle. Then all you have to do is knock everyone else off their feet! Last person standing wins!
  • NFL: Played like American Football, you have to protect your leader who takes the ball inside his or her zorb and tries to make the “end zone” while the opposition try to knock the leader over before they get there.
  • Sumo: Two players in their bubbles in a ring. The objective? Push your opponent out of the ring.
  • Ten Pinned: One player acts as the bowling ball and the rest are pins. The “ball” will run at the “pins” set up in a diamond and try to knock over as many as he or she can. Everyone tries and the one who knocks over the most wins.
  • Call my number: Every player in each team is assigned a number. We put a ball in the middle of the pitch and the players on the sidelines opposite each other. A number is called and each person with that number from each runs out to try and get to the ball first… sounds easy, but trying running without being able to use your arms!
  • The Chain Gang: one player stands in the middle of the pitch and tries to knock over the players that try to cross to the other end. Those he knocks over join him in a chain to block the remaining players.

Barcelona Bubble Football – Typical schedule

  • 13:30 – Our guide meets you at your accommodation and accompanies you on public transport to the venue
  • 13:45 – Get zorbed up and begin playing games
  • 15:00 – Games end.
  • 15:30 – You are back at your hotel
  • Times are flexible, so let us know if you need different timings

Barcelona Bubble Football – What is included

  • Public transport to the venue with on of our guides
  • 1 hour of bubble football and games
  • Zorbs and Pitch hire
  • Sports equipment (bibs and knee pads)
  • Monitors
  • Music
  • Changing rooms and showers