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Barcelona Mountain Biking

Barcelona weather, beautiful Mediterranean scenery and our expert guides make Barcelona Mountain Biking one of the most satisfying group activities on the market.

Regardless of whether you are on a stag do, a hen weekend or a corporate trip for hitting all your targets, this activity will please everyone. You will have photo opportunities galore and the activity will give you the chance to bond as a group. And you will feel so much better about going out in Barcelona and eating and drinking far too much. You will have earned it!

Includes a two hour mountain bike route, great bikes and helmets, water, a guide who leads the way and private return transport from your accommodation!

Barcelona mountain biking stag do activityMountain Bike Trail for Stag do ActivitiesBarcelona Mountain Bike Stag do activities

Barcelona Mountain Biking takes place in a stunning national park only 40 minutes from the centre of Barcelona. The Spain Event offers you several routes, depending on your ability, endurance and what you are after. These mountain bike routes range from quiet 3-hour tours to take in the scenery and enjoy the great outdoors to routes with breathtaking descents and tough climbs.

And there is more …

Barcelona Mountain Bike Stag do activitiesNow that you have done your route, taken photos and are sitting down with big grins on your faces, why not take full advantage of this moment to enjoy a great BBQ lunch and a few cold drinks. Don’t be mistaken. Even the easiest of routes will give you an appetite!

And if you really enjoy the outdoors, we have a whole variety of activities available at the same location. Some examples include an assault course with more than 800m of high ropes, quad tours, human table football, orienteering, horse (or donkey) riding and also paintball.

Mountain Bike Tours in Barcelona – Typical schedule

  • 10:00 – Our driver picks you up at your accommodation
  • 11:00 – You arrive at the departure point and get a safety briefing and your equipment
  • 11:30 – You set off on your mountain bike route
  • 14:00 approx – You arrive back at the departure point and head back to Barcelona or…
  • …you stay for a delicious BBQ lunch and a few well-earned beers!

Mountain Bike stag do activitiesBarcelona Mountain Biking – What is included

  • 2-hour mountain bike route
  • Mountain bike & helmet
  • Water
  • Expert Guide
  • Insurance
  • Private return transport

Barcelona Mountain Biking – What else do I need to know?

  • If you want to make a full day of it, you can add a spectacular BBQ lunch and head back to the city with a full stomach !
  • Longer routes for more experienced riders are also available. Please ask for a quote.
  • You can add on other activities that are close by and save money on transportation – for example high ropes or quad biking!