High speed racing
2 or 3 driving sessions
Beat the clock
Beat your mates

Go Karting Barcelona

Are you a budding Alonso or just the pits? Enjoy an afternoon line of speed and adrenalin  for all your group. Feel the power, racing against your mates on a hi-tech 500m indoor go kart track near Barcelona. This is one of Spain’s top indoor karting tracks.

Go karting Barcelona includes a long full-pelt uphill, flyover bridge, and numerous hairpins and chicanes. After a safety briefing, changing into full racing overalls and helmet, and storing your valuables in a secure locker, it’s race time! You’ll be racing against the clock and it’s all timed by the computer so you know which are your top laps.

Includes 2 Highspeed races, 270cc karts, all equipment and return transfers!

Go Karting BarcelonaGo Karting BarcelonaGo Karting Barcelona

You’ll come out of the pits in your 270 cc kart, then you have 10 minutes of racing to beat your friends round the track and get that elusive fastest track time. (Check out the local record times on the board before vowing to shed a kilo or 12). After a break of 10 minutes to rest your arms and rehydrate after all that hard cornering, you’re back on again for 10 minutes. In the upstairs viewing bar, after feeling the thrill of all those forces centripetal and centrifugal, you may not want to resist the strong gravitational pull to the bar for a refreshing Estrella Damm or San Miguel as you check out the time sheets. Go Karting Barcelona Lap record is sub 38 seconds… (but who took more than a minute to go round ?)

Most of our lads had been to Barcelona before so we wanted to do something different, Go Karting Barcelona was a good idea, the way it’s set up makes it very competitive, and Monica the guide made the whole thing run smoothly, many thanks for a great day out! (Scott, Croydon (UK) – September 2013 Stag in Barcelona)

Go Karting BarcelonaStag Ideas – Go Karting Barcelona – Typical schedule:

  • 1300: Pick up at your hotel for the 30 min journey to the track.
  • 1345: Change into overalls, helmets and safety briefing.
  • 1400 First race begins.
  • 1430: Second race.  After toasting the champion over a drink at the bar, time to get back on the coach.
  • 1600: Back at hotel.

Go Karting Barcelona – What is included:

  • Go Karting BarcelonaPrivate return transport.
  • Full briefing and safety check.
  • Two intensive high-speed driving sessions of 10 minutes, racing against the clock.
  • All safety equipment and lockers for valuables
  • Our guide will recommend places to go later like bars and restaurants, but after all that high speed driving, you might be ready for a siesta first…

Go Karting Barcelona – What else do I need to know?

  • Food and drink is available at and near the track
  • Yes, don’t worry that means beer too!
  • Price depends on your group size and the time of year. In general, the larger your group the less you will each pay