Footballing fun
Competitive match
Return transport included
Test your teckers!

Human Table Football Barcelona

This hilarious activity does exactly what it says on the tin. You and your stag or hen do mates will take the place of the little wooden football players in a giant foosball table and pit your footballing skills against each other. Without the aid or your arms, head or ability to turn around! There’ll be no Ronaldo diving possible, no silky Sanchez turns on the ball needed and no heroic lunging Hart saves in sight in human table football Barcelona!

Human table football BarcelonaHuman table football BarcelonaHuman table football Barcelona

The aim of the game is simple. Score as many goals as you can to beat the other teams score. Our friendly human table football Barcelona ref will keep tabs on who is the top half of the table and who needs relegating. You’ll get a number of throw ins to keep the action going and your legs kicking wildly. This really is one of the funniest activities you can do on your hen or stag do.

During human table football Barcelona you and the rest of the group will be attached to poles going across the table football pitch so that only your legs are free to kick in one direction. You’ll have to slide from left to right to stop the ball going past you and try kick it towards the opposing teams goal. Each team will have a goalie who can also only slide left to right! Time to find out who would make the top half of the table and who’s in sore need of a bit of coaching.

Bloody brilliant! The lads loved this! Would do it again in a heart beat! Cheers for everything. Keith Wilson, Northampton Stag Do 2015

Human Table Football Barcelona – What’s included:

  • All equipment
  • Return private transport
  • A hilarious hour of games
  • Monitors
  • Referee

Human Table Football Barcelona – Typical schedule:

  • 11:00: You’ll be picked up at your accommodation in your own private coach and taken to the countryside just outside Barcelona
  • 11:30: Get strapped in and let the goals fly!
  • 12:30: Time to lift the trophy and relegate the losers
  • 13:00 How about a bit of quad biking to rest those tired legs?
  • 15:00 You’ll be dropped back at your accommodation just in time to get the drinks in at the bar

Human Table Football Barcelona – What else do I need to know:

  • As this is a game of football, of sorts, trainers are the best footwear to wear
  • Shorts and t-shirts will be best as it will most likely be hot
  • Don’t forget the sun cream!
  • A bottle of water is also advisable (the ice-cold beers come later)

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