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Quad Biking Barcelona

Hop on your very own quad bike and enjoy a wild trip into nature. Quad Biking Barcelona offers you a variety of excursions. You can choose between our mini excursions and longer trips, for real quad fans. Apart from having the unusual sensation of driving a quad, you can also enjoy Barcelona’s wild Mediterranean landscape

You will always have an expert guide who will show you how to drive and will go with you to show you the routes. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a pro, The Spain Event has a route for you. All the routes are located in the spectacular Montenegre Natural Park, a perfect location for quads and probably the most important natural area close to Barcelona. And if you really want to make a day of it why not stay for a chunky sausage and bean lunch or even a full BBQ?

Includes private return transfers, individual quads, all necessary equipment and expert guides that will lead the way!

Quad Biking Barcelona Quad Biking BarcelonaQuad Biking Barcelona

Different options for Quad Biking Barcelona:

Mini-Route for 30 Minutes: Especially good for beginners or if you have a busy schedule (no driver’s licence required).

Mini-Route for 45 Minutes: A medium to long excursion, easy to fit into your day as well (no driver’s licence required)

1-Hour Excursion: Here you can go even more in to the forests around Barcelona.

1.5-Hour Excursion: You love quad biking and really want to enjoy being out in the wild.

Quad Biking Barcelona – price and what is included:

  • Private return transport
  • Your own individual quad. If you want to share, it will be even cheaper!
  • If you’d like to include a lunch stop let us know.
  • All safety equipment and quad biking equipment.
  • An expert quad instructor.
  • Price depends on your group size. The more you are, the less you pay per person.

Quad Biking Barcelona – what else do I need to know?

  • Heed the safety instructions given by your monitor.
  • No driver’s licence is required for mini routes of 30 or 45 minutes
  • Use the bikes responsibly. You will be asked for a deposit against any damage through misuse!
  • Refreshments are available, but please don’t come drunk.
  • Wear sturdy sports shoes and casual clothes.
  • In the summertime don’t forget to bring sunscreen.