Obstacle-filled warzone!
200 paintballs
All kit and outfits
Central location

Paintball Madness!

Get your adrenaline pumping and suit up for high pressure action- indoor paintball! You and your mates had a wild one last night in Barcelona, so now it’s time to double-down on the extreme mayhem and fire some high-powered air-rifles at each other in our custom-made warzone!

Your Stag, Hen or Corporate group is going be liberated from the everyday when the blasting begins! What better way to rev up for another evening of partying than engaging in some close range sniper fire!

Includes all equipment, 200 shots and two hours of games in a central location!

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A different kind of arsenal

Load your guns! When your group arrives at the Indoor Paintball Facility here in central Barcelona you’ll be briefed on how to use our state-of-the-art kit, suited up with camouflage gear, loaded up with 200 complimentary paintballs and then it’s go time! Groups of over 14 get the entire facility to yourself and smaller groups may be put with other visiting mercenaries…..we’re not sure if it is more fun to shoot a friend or a stranger, but regardless, you’ll all be sharing war stories over sangria later on at the pub.

Your platoon will be led through a variety of different challenges such as Storm the Bunker, HQ Assault and Sqaud Capture….but usually most groups settle on the satisfying thrill of pelting the Stag until he’s covered with florescent green paint. Your gang of trigger-happy warriors will find the best strategy to destroy each other: isn’t that what a weekend in Barcelona is all about? When you’re all done and dusted, for the evening’s entertainment might we recommend a Gothic Pub Crawl? Cheers!

That was just the ticket for the stag weekend to break up the constant drinking. We all got to let off a lot of steam and the Stag really bore the brunt of our frustrations! Well done (Simon, organiser of a 12 person stag-weekend, Chester 2015)

Things to do Barcelona: Paintball – what is included

  • All paintball guns, safety equipment + camouflage overalls
  • 200 paintballs, more are available for purchase
  • 2 hours or more of organized paintball games!
  • Optional private coach hire can be arranged

Things to do Barcelona: Paintball – what else do I need to know?

  • Though it’s not necessary to wear anything special, loose fitting clothes will be helpful and decent trainers are a must!
  • Make sure one member of the group brings a camera so those moments of heroic recklessness can be captured forever
  • What happens in the arena of battle stays in the arena until the vanquished buy a few rounds for the victors later at the pub