60 minutes
3 different themes
Sherlock costumes
Unusual adventure!

Escape in Barcelona!

Wondering what to do in Barcelona Spain? Escape Rooms!! Follow the clues and test your wits with this exciting team experience as you try to escape in under 60 minutes. Using period-piece decor and costumes, you are the detective in a mystery- the clock is ticking down! We’ve got three different themed rooms so you’ve got options about what kind of adventure to have. We even have duplicate rooms so your group can be divided and compete against each other to see who has to buy the winners rounds of beer all night.

Includes a 90 minute game up to 34 persons (6 per room), games based on real stories like the Gaudi Mystery, coffee, soft drink and photo sessions!

what to do in Barcelona Spain what to do in Barcelona Spain what to do in Barcelona Spain

Lock into the Escape Room!  You and your mates are going to have to work as a team, figure out the puzzles, find the keys and unlock the combinations before the time runs out! We’ve got some Sherlock Holmes hats and cowls to help you with your thinking! This wildly popular activity has swept the world over the last few years, and we’ve got an Escape Room waiting for you here in Barcelona!

By Jove, I think you’ve got it!what to do in Barcelona Spain

When your group arrives at the Barcelona Escape Rooms you’ll get a brief explanation from our monitors, don your sleuthing costumes and then you’re locked in! Where to begin? What can you see? The clues are there – find the way out in under 60 minutes! Working together you can piece together how you got yourself in such a predicament and how to get out of it! Prepare your powers of deduction and get cracking on the biggest mystery of the day, who will be buying the booze later!

It was a thrill to work out the clues and puzzles before the time ran out! Everything was really authentic looking! We picked the Victorian themed room and made it out before the time was up. Fun!” Katie, the Wirral, organiser of a 8-girl Hen weekend, 2015

Escape Rooms Barcelona – typical schedule

  • 14:00 Arrive at the Escape Rooms, throw on your Sherlock Holmes hats and after a quick briefing get locked in!
  • 13:30 The clock winds down to zero:  Did you make it out in time?!
  • 13:40 By now you’ve escaped and it’s time to head back to the coach to celebrate your freedom!

What to do in Barcelona Spain: Escape Rooms – what is included

  • A dastardly designed Escape Room in one of our three themes to confound and delight you
  • An explanation and tips by an English-speaking monitor about the best strategies for escaping the Escape Room
  • A jolly looking Sherlock costume for each participant. Good luck!

Escape Rooms Barcelona- what else do I need to know?

  • Of course the Escape Rooms are monitored and completely safe so there is never an issue of claustrophobia, it’s more of a complicated puzzle than jail- trust us, we know!
  • There isn’t any serious physical activity involved with Escape Rooms, anyone can participate, it is a game of wits!
  • The better your group works as a team, the faster your escape time will be- see if you can be the next Harry Houdini!