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Barcelona Football Tickets 2016-2017

Barcelona football tickets are available for all Spanish Liga fixtures, Champions League and Copa del Rey. Ticket prices start at €45 and vary depending on category and opponent.  Take your stag group to watch Barcelona at the fantastic Camp Nou, the home of the world’s greatest football over the past decade or so.


Match day Date* Time Home Team Away Team
18 15-01-2017 TBD Barcelona Las Palmas
21 05-02-2017 TBD Barcelona Athletic Bilbao
23 19-02-2017 TBD Barcelona Leganes
25 01-03-2017 TBD Barcelona Sporting
26 05-03-2017 TBD Barcelona Celta
28 19-03-2017 TBD Barcelona Valencia
30 05-04-2017 TBD Barcelona Sevilla
32 16-04-2017 TBD Barcelona Real Sociedad
34 26-04-2017 TBD Barcelona Osasuna
35 30-04-2017 TBD Espanyol Barcelona (Away)
36 07-05-2017 TBD Barcelona Villarreal
38 21-05-2017 TBD Barcelona Eibar

*Dates shown are provisional. Dates shown are the Sundays of each match day weekend. Games may also be played on Saturdays. Definitive dates and kick off times are announced approx 15 days before each match.

Can Barcelona retain their Liga title this year… few would bet against genuine football legends

Few would bet against manager Luis Enrique doing just that with the blaugrana stars. Watching FC Barcelona live is a must-do when in Barcelona for a stag do. The passion and excitement of Spain’s best footballers right in front of your eyes. We will supply your Barcelona tickets.

Barcelona football tickets - watch the genius!Check our match calendar list above with Barcelona home matches for season 2016-2017. Send us an enquiry or call us to get the latest best rates for tickets. As with all Spanish matches, definitive match kick-off times (and dates) are sometimes not announced until 10 days or so before the match is played.

So bear in mind that the dates below are provisional. Matches are played on Saturdays or Sundays from 1600 – 2200, so in order to be sure to see match on the weekend of your choice, you must book travel and accommodation to stay both Saturday and Sunday nights.

Booking Barcelona Football Tickets and Accommodation Packages

FC Barcelona football tickets packages (including two nights accommodation and match tickets) are available from €99 per person.  Ask us if you require tickets only, or let us suggest a tailor-made package of accommodation plus tickets that will suit your budget. We can also include stag friendly activities like bar crawls, striptease shows and group transport. Click here to read about hotel and apartments options for football groups in Barcelona.

FC Barcelona Ticket Categories

When you ask us for a quote, let us know which match and the dates you want to attend, and the type of ticket you would like. We will get back with the best rates available for that match. We’ll ask you to pay a 20% deposit to guarantee your tickets, with full payment required no later than 35 days before arrival. If your groups size changes before the date of full payment, no worries, we will amend the number of tickets in your booking.To help you decide your Barcelona ticket type, we use the following category definitions:

  • Category One Premium Tickets (Cat 1 Premium)

Your seats will be in the most central sections in the lower half of the stadium, side view (see stadium plan). These are the most central Cat 1 seats and the best tickets available.

  • Category One Tickets (Cat 1)

Your seats will be in the best areas in the lower half of the stadium, side view. One of the following will be marked on your ticket: Lateral 1ª, Lateral 2ª or Tribuna.

  • Category Two Tickets (Cat 2)

Upper Side view, or lower Goal End view. Your seats will either be side view (but higher up than Cat 1) or the best seats of Goal End View. The following will be marked on your ticket:

– Side View: Lateral 3

– End View: Gol Nord 1, Gol Nord 2, Gol Sur 1, Gol Sur 2.

  • Category Three Tickets (Cat 3)

Upper End View (higher up than the Cat 2 seats). The following will be marked on your tickets: Gol Nord 3, or Gol Sur (Nike) 3.

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