Gaudi's masterpiece
A world of fantasy and nature-inspired beauty
One of the word's largest cathedrals
A must when you are in Barcelona

Sagrada Familia Tour and Visit

Allow us to organise a group tour of the Sagrada Familia temple in Barcelona. You may wish your visit to be part of a general tour of Gaudi buildings in Barcelona  or a panoramic tour of Barcelona in general.

Barcelona Tour with Sagrada Familia Visit

Visit the Sagrada Familia as part of a general tour of Barcelona. Choose from a wide range of modes of transport for getting round the sites. Whereas walking will give you time to probe even the narrowest alleyways, using bicycles, e-bikes, segways and even a Vespa can be great fun. And our panoramic Gaudi bus tour will make sure you cover all of the sights in no time, in the luxury of your own private coach.

Barcelona has safe cycleways and as a medium-sized city half a day is ample time to get a good view of the main sites. All of our tours include your own guide, all equipment, bookings for any monuments where entrance is included. Before you arrive we will send you a voucher with full information on the starting point, your guide’s contact details and any additional information required.

Sagrada Familia Visit – how it works

  • Pick ups will usually be at your hotel (depending on the mode of transport chosen)

  • starting times are flexible – it’s your own private tour! (if entrance to a monument is included this may dictate the times for part of your tour however however)

  • On a general panoramic Gaudi tour, we will aim to show you the following: Batllo, Mila Guell, Sagrada etc as well as modernsita buildings on the Eixample

  • stops and visits to one or two sites can also w¡be included (there will be an extra charge for entrance) – we do not recommend trying to visit more that 2 sites on a given tour however!

What is the Sagrada Familia ?

The Sagrada Familia, designed by architect Antoni Gaudi’s Barcelona (Spain) is a Roman Catholic basilica. It began in 1882, (October 2014) is still under construction. This is Gaudi’s masterpiece and the greatest exponent of Catalan modernist architecture. According to 2011 data, the most frequently visited monument n Spain along with Prado Mudeaum and the Alhambra .

Began construction of the Gothic style, but in 1883, Gaudi project, assuming been completely redesigned. He went along the rough sketches of the building, according to the established procedures, improvised building. Gaudi took over the project, only 31 years. He devoted the rest of his life for the last fifteen is special.

One of their most innovative ideas to stand on portals, high pointed conical tower design and height of the tower, preferred by many windows, which tends to increase along the front torque prescribed by a parabolic spirals.

The temple is completed, 18 towers, three facades and domes mode, all four will be a system of Jesus tower 170 meters high, dedicated central dome church, with six towers will be surrounded by four others, missionaries, dedicated, and a second dome Virgin adanmış.dış and internal based on the formal geometry of the original structure was solved by the system.

In 1926, Gaudi died, he just build a tower etmişti.portal at the time of birth and Passion finishing is, and has: a single building project plans and plaster model of a worse then cuts artifacts were preserved continued without, since, however War Civil.3 was damaged during the singing to start; six centers in the entire area covered and laid the foundations of the towers.