Getting around Barcelona- transfers and transport

Sometimes groups find getting around Barcelona tricky. Our El Prat airport transfers and group transport makes it easy. We offer minivans, coaches, luxury vehicles, limos and Hummers for all your Barcelona transport needs.


Barcelona Airport Transfers

Book El Prat airport transfers in advance.  Skip the taxis and rip off merchants at the airport, keep your group together, and jump in a coach. You’ll be in central Barcelona in no time. If you are booking accommodation with us, our guide will be there, a friendly face to meet and greet at Barcelona airport.

Getting around Barcelona city

If you are staying in Barcelona centre,  walking around this amazingly beautiful place is a treat. Beware however the classic maze of Barcelona’s old town (barrio gotico), where you will definitely get lost, with or without a map ! Not that getting lost in Barcelona is a particularly bad thing to do unless you have a booking made and have to be there on time.

Getting around BarcelonaWherever you are beware pickpockets, one of Barcelona’s main problems.  The labyrinth of old streets of central Barcelona provides a perfect habitat for sneak thieves on foot, and on motor bikes.

Keep your wallet in your front pocket and your bag well tied on !  Navigating around L’Eixample, Barcelona’s posh residential grid, so beloved of city planners is easier as it’s all right angles, with the might artery Paseo de Gracia right in the middle and a big wide street “Diagonal” running, yes you guessed it, diagonally across the grid.

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