• Bona tardaThe unique Barcelona atmosphere
  • Ramblas BarsThe entertainment epicentre
  •  Smart Clubsgreat places for Hens and smart Stags
  • A special cityFull of action
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Nightlife Barcelona – Bars and Nightclubs where to be scene…

Check out our top Nightlife Barcelona offers. Barcelona bars and clubs offer a tantalising range of atmospheric options. Browse nightlife options here. Contact us. Our consultants will get straight!


This is a vibrant Mediterranean port city, with wonderful beaches, an unbeatable nightlife, buildings and streets steeped in history, architectural interest, and great bars! Barcelona offers many great going-out areas for groups celebrating stag and hen weekends.

Nightlife Barcelona – area by area

Each Barcelona barrio has its own ambience and feel, style of dress, and price level !  Although Spaniards from most other cities find they are paying 20-30% more than they would at home, drinks in general are cheaper in Barcelona than in the UK (except in the smarter places where you can expect to pay more than 10 euros per drink). Most Barcelona bars are laid back in their attitude to dress (and behaviour) although fancy dress options may not go down well at the best clubs and the smartest cocktail bars !

Barcelona has serious amounts of bars and areas for partying.  As in all of Spain, (and although many of the most experienced barflies in our  Barcelona office swear daytime drinking is the best in Barcelona…) nightlife and clubbing starts late and goes on till REALLY late.  Catalans, like most Spaniards tend to view every night as New Year’s Eve !

As there are so many bars to choose from, our recommendation is to take a zone-by-zone approach: choose an area of town and explore. You won‟t be disappointed!

El Borne: (Metro: Jaume I)

El Borne is home to Picasso’s art, the stunning Santa Maria del Mar church and some seriously good Barcelona nightlife and boozers! Head to Passeig del Borne, which is where all the action is centred.

Barrio Gótico/Barri Gotic/”Gothic Quarter” (Metro: Liceu, Drassanes or Jaume I).

Like most people you may well be confused by the name, which has nothing to do with  Batman or even  Ken Russell, but is believed to allude to some ruffian types who once held sway in the neighbourhood. If you are thinking of making history repeat itself, don’t say it was us who pointed you this way…

Lying at the heart of the city is the Gothic Quarter where you can walk down the famous Ramblas. In amongst the 2000 year old history you will find tiny meandering streets packed full of bars and restaurants. A great place to explore!

Raval (Metro Liceu or Sant Antoni).

Raval has a colourful reputation that it certainly lives up to.  Formerly the nerve-centre of seedy Barcelona’s “chinatown” in the 70’s (when Spanish dictator and all-round baddy Francisco Franco left Barcelona to fester) this jungle of narrow streets peddling drugs, full of bordellos, has now been revamped  as an über-cool “bo ho” urban ambience.  In these dinky narrow streets, you are now more likely to have your way barred by a vegan on a bicycle than the body of a sailor. However, despite this downturn,  Raval  is still teaming with great bars and restaurants.

Barceloneta & Port Olimpic: (Barceloneta or Ciutadella-Vila Olimpica).

Barceloneta is the place to go for amazing seafood and drinks at one of the many summertime chiringitos – bars on the beach! Walk up the coastline and you’ll come to Port Olimpic which is a great place for dinner.

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