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Barcelona beach bars!

The Barcelona Beach bars are waiting to be crawled! All the best bars, the tropical drinks, the party and the hot latin fiesta are ready for your gang to enjoy! Our guide meets you and takes you to the centre of the action….and gets you free shots!

Party on the beach! Barcelona’s world-famous beaches welcome you to enjoy Spain in style… with massive mojitos and flowing cerveza! Our guide takes you to the four best Barcelona beach bars and gets you a free shot with every drink purchased.

Celebrate Barcelona with a beach bar crawl that takes away the hassle and maximizes the mayhem!

Our English-speaking guides take you to four bars in the heart of the action, right on the beach. We know all the hotspots! Our crawls either go to the world-famous Playa Nova Icària or the more upscale Playa Barceloneta, depending what you’ve got in mind!

barcelona beach bars barcelona beach bars Barcelona beach bars

You’ve come to Barcelona to party! Make your visit epic with a crawl along the gorgeous beaches of the Med! We arrange everything so you and your mates can get down to business!

That was just what was needed! We had no idea where to go so the guide led us to these cool beach bars that we never would have known about. It got messy, well done! (James, Liverpool, 2016)

Beach Bar Crawl – typical schedule (total approx. 3 hours)

  • 21:00 Meet with your guide and commence fiesta!
  • 22:00 Finding your groove..
  • 00:00 You should be crawling now… 🙂

Crawling the Barcelona Beach Bars – what is included

  • English-speaking guide
  • Visit to four beach bars
  • Free shot with every drink purchased

Barcelona Beach Bars – what else do I need to know?

  • What happens in Barcelona stays in Barcelona 😉
  • Looking for something more? How about an epic booze cruise?

How can I book a Barcelona Beach Bar Crawl?