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Barcelona Casino – it’s all on the roll of the dice

Roll the dice at Barcelona Casino. Swap Boddingtons for Bollinger and forget the online Poker rooms, this is the full Monte Carlo! It’s time to don the white dinner jacket, the Omar Sharif cummerbund and try your “suerte” at the headless fish casino*. After all, you are about to be cleaned out, so why not do it in style and head for Barcelona’s “Gran Casino”?

Our Barcelona Casino trip takes you to the area of town where Barcelona stars party. “Vingt-huit, rouge”. And if roulette doesn’t spin your wheel, try the Black Jack table, craps, poker (or even the one-arm bandits if you’re really out of your depth). Or if the craps is just what you are trying to avoid, just hit the bar. You’ll probably find Gerard Pique there fiddling with Periscope.

Barcelona casino is famous as one of the main poker venues in Europe.

It also combines with another Barcelona passion, football, with giant screens broadcasting Real Madrid and Barcelona’s matches. Participants can win dinner at the casino or tickets for the Liga at Camp Nou.

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Barcelona Casino provides a truly classy way to get rid of those funny Euro notes in one of its numerous fruit machines and gaming tables. Although… you just might get lucky! We’ll lay on return transport to the casino, priority entrance and a high-quality buffet dinner. Your guide will be there to make suggestions about nightlife options after the casino (see Suggestions).

Thanks for sorting out the casino for us, I didn’t win anything but didn’t lose much either so it was a great night, after we went to Port Olympics which is pretty lively and the salsa club was great…( Owen & Jessica’s party in Barcelona, September 2014)

In the great tradition of high-class casinos the world over, at the end the evening you’ll likely be styling yourself as the slightly dishevelled romantic type, a nightlife buccaneer down on his luck and walk down the beach nearby as a shaken, stirred, cravat untied, think of a classy after-shave ad with Mr Brosnan. But Pierce-takes aside, as long as you haven’t lost your shirt – afterwards you’ll fall into the arms of Lady Barcelona who’ll welcome you back to a bar or club, no matter the hour.  Remember that the Casino’s dress rules are important (see “What else do I need to know” below).

Barcelona Casino – Typical schedule

  • 21:00 After the entry formalities, tuck in to the buffet dinner, it’s all included!
  • 23:45 Time to go and spend your winnings at the bars nearby – let us recommend a suitable establishment for you high rollers!

Casino in Barcelona – What is included

  • Entrance to Barcelona Casino
  • Buffet dinner including one drink

Barcelona Casino Night – What else do I need to know?

  • CASINO DRESS RULES are applied strictly:
    • No short or short sleeve shirts.
    • No torn clothes or scruffy look.
    • No-one wearing sports shoes will be admitted. (i.e. no trainers)
  • Passports must be shown on entrance – a legal requirement that will not be skipped under any circumstances!
  • If you’d like a limousine transfer, let us know!