Poker table
One drink
Private area

Barcelona Poker Night – go knave high

Your own private Barcelona poker tournament  in a central bar. For rookies as well as card sharps, this is the ultimate strategy game of them all.

Up the ante of your group on tour with the ultimate game of strategy and cool. This is one of the great stag ideas for Barcelona. A great way to bond, drink…and, eh lose money (or chips). The price includes a welcome drink on the house, but we recommend keeping the mind sharp and the drinks non-alcoholic (ish!) if you’re to stand a chance of winning the poker tournament. Your poker croupier will go through the basics of how to play Texas Hold ‘Em poker, along with how the tournament will work.

Includes a private poker area, a table with everything you need for poker, a croupier and a free drink!

The tournament will then start with everyone receiving a pile of chips to play with. The tournament will last 3 hours, with extra chip buy-in allowed in the first hour, and the ante (minimum bet) going up every 20 minutes to increase the pressure and squeeze out those conservative players! During the tournament, a table service will be available so that drinks can be ordered.The game usually ends in a 2-man show down and one of you with pockets bulging and a large smug smile!

Barcelona PokerPoker in Barcelona – Typical schedule

  • 1930: Sit down with a drink and let the poker expert explain the rules.
  • 2000: The serious poker begins in earnest.
  • 2100: Usually drunkenness, bankruptcy or the emergence of a singular smug talent will have most of you walking your poker faces off to the pubs and clubs of Barcelona, we’ll give you tips on where to go afterwards.

Barcelona Poker Night – What is included

  • A private poker area with table, chips, cards and expertise!
  • A professional poker table
  • A professional croupier
  • A free drink to get you settled in.

Barcelona PokerPrivate Barcelona Poker Tournament – What else do I need to know?

  • No previous knowledge of card games is required – beginnners stand as good a chance as experienced players.
  • You’ll be playing for chips (no money on the table as open gambling is prohibited)
  • You’ll play Texas Hold’em unless you have other ideas.
  • If you’d like to spice up the card play with a strip show for some additional entertainment let us know.