Expert bartender
Top bar
Taste and mix
3 cocktails

Cocktail Making Class Barcelona

Cocktail making class Barcelona Taste, mix and drink at our posh drinks workshop. The Barcelona Cocktail session is a mixing workshop and most of all, a great night out. As this is Spain, many of the cocktails have the latin and tropical touch and, well, there’s no skimping on the alcohol content.

What’s it to be? Margarita, Caipirinha, Bellini, Fellini, Cavallini… maybe you get off on a Sidecar or are a personal friend of Tom (or Ron) Collins… whether you’re into inis or itos, or even if you just enjoy plain old Sox Off on the Beach, the Cocktail making class in Barcelona is the right event for you.

Includes the making and trying of three different cocktails in a central bar and an expert bartender!

Cocktail making class BarcelonaCocktail making class BarcelonaCocktail making class Barcelona

Prepared and delivered to provide mirth and good times for the big Barcelona night

Why does the barman have that smirk on his face? What is it about the mix of strong drink, fruit and something sweet splashed over ice? Yes, prepare to get well-stirred and pretty shaken for a master class at a top Barcelona Cocktail Bar.  Learn to make delightful and delectable concoctions – all specifically and scientifically designed. Afterwards we’ll point you in the right direction to continue the party till late at one of the city’s best clubs. Needless to say, the Spain Event is not short of people willing to take on this activity.

Great fun, the barman was quite a comic and showed us lots of mixes with quite a few freebies, we got off to flying start … Shona, Kirkcaldy Hen Group in Barcelona, August 2016

Cocktail making class Barcelona – typical schedule

  • 1845: Meet our bartender
  • 1900: The cocktail class and fun begins
  • 2030: Wow, feeling good after that? Time for more bars and clubbing? Our bartender will help you out with ideas and directions!
  • This is just a possible schedule. We are very flexible, so just ask if you would like another time.

Cocktail making class Barcelona – what is included

  • In our Cocktail making class in Barcelona, you will try 3 different cocktails and have some bar snacks to go along with them.
  • And you won’t be interrupted by anyone else because the class takes place in your own private room!
  • Let your bartender help you out with ideas for how to continue with the big night.
  • Price depends on your group size and the time of year. In general, the larger your group the less you will each pay!

Cocktail making class Barcelona – What else do I need to know?

  • Pace yourselves! The measure in Spain are notoriously (and gloriously) larger than in countries like the UK.
  • Ask the barman to include some tailor-made requirements – you might just catch him out!