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Flamenco Class Barcelona– feel the passion of Spain!

Flamenco class Barcelona les you learn about and experience the true heart of Spain with our flamenco dance class Barcelona. Surely a visit to Spain’s vibrant, 2nd largest city would not be complete without experiencing its most famous, fun, expressive dance?

Let your professional flamenco class Barcelona dance instructor take you and your hen friends through the iconic dance moves, stomping steps, clapping hands and fierce poses. Learn how to twist your heels and swirl your skirts with the best of them. This is how to feel the passion, heart and soul of Barcelona. That and copious amounts of sangria of course!

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a seriously good dancefloor mover, or you look more like your gran at a wedding

This flamenco class Barcelona is an ideal activity for all members of your group,  this great dance is all about expressing yourself and having fun! During the flamenco class Barcelona you can move at your own pace, no one will be left behind or have 2 left feet. And for any of your party that is feeling a little worried about tripping over their skirt, then the free glass of cava and tapa will help them relax and get in the spirit of things.

The flamenco class Barcelona is a fun, energetic way to break up the boozy nights, taps eating, sangria drinking, hot Spanish talent gazing, and it’s great exercise too. The best way to cure those sore heads, apart from hair of the dog of course, is a little light exercise to the sound of beautiful Spanish guitars. You can even show off your new moves at a flamenco night afterwards.

It wasn’t a hard to follow dance class, just really, really good fun. We had a wonderful teacher and everyone really enjoyed it. Samantha Stevens, Surrey hen party, June 2016

Flamenco Class Barcelona – what else do I need to know?

  • Footwear is important. Remember trying to stomp home in heels after a night of dancing? Not so much fun.
  • Low heels are key here, able to twist and turn and stomp without fear of injury!
  • And flip flops and sandals are not the right fit.
  • Flamenco is all about passion and expression, something that is very hard to pull off in flip flops!

Flamenco Class Barcelona – typical schedule

  • 15:30 We’ll meet our group and get you to the class
  • 16:00 The class begins
  • 17:30 The class ends and you’re off to get the sangria’s in and test out your moves on the dance floor!
  • Ask us for a Flamenco Show so you can check out how the professionals are doing it!