Harness the power...of fish
Enjoy full fishy exfoliation
Our fish are fully trained and licensed
Check your socks for tiddlers

Fish Pedicure in Barcelona – perfect after a long night out!

You always wanted to get rid of this annoying thick extra skin on your feet and have the sensation of little fishies nibbling on your toes? Then go for The Spain Event‘s fish pedicure! After a long night including bar crawls and dancing at trendy Barcelona Night Spots in uncomfortable shoes, this will make your feet feel lovely and fresh again!

Throw your heels away and dip your feet into to a tank of tiny but very hungry fish who will make sure you get a nice tickle and the cleanest, softest feet you ever had in your entire life. This has been a tradition in many countries for centuries especially in Asian spas.

fish pedicure barcelonaFish Pedicure in BarcelonaFish pedicure barcelona

Fantastic feeling of fish biting your feet!

It might sound a bit strange. It might even sound like someone’s worst nightmare. But it feels fantastic! The treatment lasts 15-30 minutes and is not painful as the fish are toothless and nibbling instead of biting. Instead of scrubbing your feet with stones and other harsh tools, let the fish do the work. With the fish pedicure you only remove dead and unhealthy skin, whereas the tools scrub off everything.

The fish are called garra rufa, but go by the name of nibble fish, doctor fish or kangal fish and they originally come from Turkey. The treatment has no side-effects and is a guarantee for a a quick giggle.

Fish Pedicure Barcelona – timings and what else you need to know:

  • You can choose whatever time you like, as a fish pedicure is not a very long activity. Let us know when you want to go and we will book it for you.
  • This is perfect for the last day of your stay in Barcelona. You surely will have walked around a lot.
  • If you want to avoid walking from the start ask us for Limousines and Segways!
  • Combine this with a relaxing day, for example a nice cruise or a spa visit.

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